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While We Wait

While we wait,

We breathe, slowly, silently,

and sometimes suffocating from the heaviness of our thoughts.

We contemplate our present path.

Will we depart into unknown territory?

Fear invades our thoughts of what will be.

While we wait, we watch for signs in faces of what is to come.

False smiles or faces filled with true compassion for circumstances,

We search for a confident look that answers our questions.

Bravely proceeding forward.

While we wait, we observe that life continues around us.

Hurried, purposeful movements of those on a task to complete.

Not slowing to recognize possible pain.

A silent, slow tear escapes.

While we wait, we dream of possibilities yet to achieve.

People we haven’t met yet and a future not dared to imagine.

We  pray for mercy to enter our lives.

A fresh breath of hope.

While we wait, sometimes all we can do is breathe.

In and out, slowly,  silently and deeply,

While we wait.


Posted by on September 21, 2010 in Life Happens, poetry


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