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Upsala Cardinal Basketball Season Comes to An End

The 2010-2011 Upsala Cardinal Season came to an end this afternoon at Williams Arena in Minneapolis, Minnesota but not without playing a great game for all those who attended.

The game started as all games do with the same beginning score.

The players from Upsala and those from Springfield gave it their all in front of their hometown fans. The marched from end to end and basket to basket with Upsala trailing by only three points at the half. 

At one point the officials had to call a time out to clear their desk of spilled liquids after one of the players landed on their desk. Several players took falls off of the basketball court and  landed on the floor below. Williams Area has a moat of sorts all around the basketball court. No water just hard cement to land on.

The high school band was there to cheer the team on along with four busloads of fans and many alumni. It was a high school reunion of sorts for my husband, 1977 graduate of Upsala.

The final score was Springfield 63, Upsala 53 but our team will always be winners for giving it their all at the Minnesota State Boys Basketball Tournament and representing Upsala well.

Thanks for a season to remember!


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