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There’s a Disruption in the Force and We Feel It

Whenever my husband and I try to take a day off of work at some point in the future things start happening.  It’s like someone put a billboard up for everyone to see that we are trying to take a day off.  A few years ago we decided to take a Tuesday off to get some things ready around home for our oldest daughter’s graduation party.

At  8:30 am a truck drove in our yard and a man came to the front door and asked if my husband was home.  I went in the livingroom and got him from his recliner.  He had decided to enjoy his cup of coffee in his pajamas before getting busy on our projects.  I was still in my pj’s as well.  My husband talked to the gentleman about the kind of truck he would like to purchase and sent him on his way.

Back to the recliner and coffee for him and I headed to the shower.  Next our next door neighbor saw our car still in the driveway and came over to ask my husband some automotive repair questions as long as he was home.  He didn’t want to bother him at work.  They sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking cars.  Soon he had his answers and left.

Back to recliner once again and then the phone rang and asked for my husband.  It was one of the guys from the shop and asked if we couldn’t take our air tank over to our other neighbors and air up her flat tire so she could drive it the four miles into town and have it repaired.  It made sense to them that we were closer to her and it would be easier for us to do it.  So I headed over to the neighbors with the tank and sent her on her way after airing up her tire and my husband headed to the shower. 

We managed to get the things accomplished we had intended to after our not so great start.  It got to the point it was getting comical for the amount of interruptions before 9:30 in the morning.

This past week we have been trying to get ready to be gone for a few days next week so we each have our list of things we need and want to have done before we leave.  It has been a never-ending series of phone calls and chuckles from my husband as he announces “You’ll never guess who just called and wants an appointment for this week.”  You would think that somewhere out there they think that if we leave town for a few days we might like it better somewhere else and may decide not to return so they better get their stuff taken care of now.

On the same note however I am amazed at the list I have come up with of things I feel I need to have done before we leave.  There is the closet that has been a mess for the past year really should be cleaned out, the refrigerator needs to be cleaned .  The bathrooms all need to be cleaned just in case someone stops by to use them while we are gone.  Of course, I should get all the windows washed and all the laundry done.    I’ve been driving myself crazy and the rest of the family as I try to tackle my ever-increasing list. 

I would love to leave home with a picture perfect clean home but who am I trying to kid.  It didn’t take a week to get in the condition it is in and it certainly will take more than a week to get everything clean especially with working full-time.  I found myself washing winter coats today that were in that closet mentioned above.  Why??  I don’t know.  They have been just fine in the closet and would have been until this fall when it would be time to dig them out again.  I guess I will be a little ahead of the usual game by having them clean this early but at what price.  At the pace I have been keeping this past week, it will take my entire time off to wind down to relax and then it will be back to work.

I’m looking forward to a few days off.  At least this year when we leave we finally have our will in place just in case something would happen to us on vacation.  It was one of those things on my ever-increasing list to do before vacations.  Up til now we never got our wills done because we couldn’t decide who to put in charge of our four kids if something happened to us.  They are all grown now and can fend for themselves.  It’s nice to have at least one thing off that list.


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Finished Up…Finally!

Private Pilot April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010 will be remembered by many people for different reasons.  For me it is the date when I finally achieved a life goal of earning my Private Pilot Certificate.  The journey began almost two years ago when I started learning to fly.  It was my original goal to complete my certificate by January 25, 2010 when I turned 50.  It took me a few months longer but I finally finished this morning.   I got to the airport at 8:00am this morning to meet Bill(my examiner).  I told him I had done my weather briefing already and just needed to preflight the airplane and then we would be set to go.  He reviewed what we would be doing in the airplane once I was ready to go.  I went to preflight the plane that I thought we would be in but Bill said he had changed me to a different plane that I already had the weight and balance completed for yesterday’s flight we didn’t take.

I preflighted the plane and had it fueled.  I asked him if he would like a passenger briefing and he said “No, it wasn’t necessary because he was familiar with the plane already.”  I called ground and said that we were ready to taxi and we were cleared to taxi to runway 31 via Echo and Alpha.  We taxied down to the run-up area near runway 31.  I did the run-up and then taxied to the holdshort line for runway 31.  I called the tower to say I was ready for take-off.  He told me to hold short for landing traffic.   After the other traffic had landed and cleared the runway the tower cleared me for takeoff.  Bill told me that my first takeoff would be a softfield takeoff.  I took off and then we proceeded on my crosscountry course.  I did two ground speed checks and then he set the VOR frequency and asked to me to set up to fly the the VOR he put in the radio.  I tuned it in and turned my course to the south to track to the VOR. 

Next he had me put the hood on and we went through turns, descents, changes in heading and airspeeds.  He had me do 180 degree turn to simulate going into the clouds and getting out of them.  After the hood work he had me set up for slow flight in the dirty configuration and make 90 degree turns left and right.  Next he had me do a power off stall.  After the power off stall I had to do a departure stall.  Once the stalls were completed it was on to steep turns.  He told me before I began that I would make a left steep turn and then immediately roll into a right steep turn.  This made me a little nervous because I never done that before with my instructor without some time in between the two steep turns.  After I was done with the steep turns he pulled the power on me for my emergency landing.  I found my field directly below me and circled down to my altitude to recover at while adding flaps for my descent.  

After completing the manuevers he had me track the VOR back to the airport.  He said coming in that I would do a shortfield landing followed by a shortfield takeoff.  When I turned base to final, I over shot final and did a go around.  I came back around and did a short field landing followed by a shortfield takeoff.  When I came back around to land he said it would be a full stop so I radioed the tower and said so.  We taxied off at A3  and into the ramp and parked the plane.  He congratulated me and said I passed and we would talk about a few things about the flight inside.  I did a final check around the plane, got the Hobbs, tach, and tin for the plane and headed inside.  Once inside we went and debriefed the flight.  He said that I forgot to pull the carb heat in my emergency landing and that I needed to trim the plane more effectively and use more right rudder.  He demonstrated how my foot should be placed on the floor of the plane to most effectively use the rudder.  He said overall a good performance in flight.

After the debriefing we went to the computer and did what we needed to do with IACRA and printed my temporary certificate and he endorsed my logbook for the checkride.  One of the CFI’s took me outside to take my picture by the plane with my certificate.  I was absolutely exhausted when everything was done.  Two sleepless nights followed by my the checkride.  My examiner wasted no effort or time on the plan of action he had to get us through the checkride efficiently.  When it was all done I was sure that hours must have passed but was surprised to see 9:30am on my watch.  Only 1 1/2 hours had passed.  A flying friend had told me that he thought I would probably find the checkride enjoyable once it got started.  He was correct but he didn’t prepare me for how fast we would complete everything.  It was hard to have the checkride spread out over two days but the better weather for the flight was well worth the wait.  PRIVATE PILOT …Finally!


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Friday Night Sew-In

This is a drawing of a log cabin that Jacob's Dad built

Well I got a later start than I had planned on tonight. We had a to go and pick up cars at our transport lot this evening that just came in from out west. We left right after work but its an hour drive each way plus an hour to load and eat supper. By the time we got home it was nearly ten. I gave my grandson a bath, fed him, and put him to bed. I finally got to work on my project for a couple of hours.

As I was looking through my fabric to complete this project at lunchtime today I found yet another UFO. It was a quilt top that have all sewn together, basted and ready to quilt. Its only crib size but I thought that by working on this project I would have one less on my list to finish little did I know that it would be a break even proposition. Subtract this quilt off my list when I finish it soon and add the other to the list. It was my goal to not have to buy fabric to finish this project and that won’t be a problem as I found several fabrics in my stash to complete it even batting. No excuses now to not keep working on it.


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OVC 001

OVC 001

OVC 001
Day number three and counting. For student pilots this is a weather description you would rather not see if you planned on flying. It means that the cloud ceiling is 100ft above ground level and not fit for flying. This past week I have scheduled two lessons to prepare for my checkride (flight test). Both have had to be canceled due to fog. The forecast for tomorrow is more of the same. They updated the forecast from 50% chance of rain to 90%.

I noticed as the number of foggy days increases the overall attitude of the employees and customers at work has deteriorated. No sunshine for day number four tomorrow. The last time we had a weather pattern like this last winter I told my husband that if I didn’t see the sun soon I was going to look for the nearest sunny weather and start driving that direction until I found it and I wasn’t coming home until sun was in the forecast at home as well. The sun came out the next day so no road trip.

I would love to get on a plane at this point in time and fly to a flight school where sunshine abounds and spend a few days flying and then schedule my checkride, hopefully pass my test and then fly back home. It seems like such a long process to finish up with all the weather interruptions. I have one lesson and then it seems like weeks before I get a second one and then everything we worked on and improved on has to be worked on once again.

Oh well, there is always next week. Spring and summer have to eventually arrive in Minnesota.

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Unfinished Business

Its Saturday night and I’m longing for Monday afternoon to get here. Its been almost two weeks since I’ve flown. Monday afternoon I have some solo time scheduled to work on maneuvers and take offs and landings before I schedule another lesson with my CFI. I’ve been doing a lot of chair flying these days. I sit in my recliner and imagine I am in the airplane and go through one maneuver after another in my mind trying to remember how to set up for the maneuver, what airspeed and altitude I need to maintain, and how to recover from the maneuver and stay within the PTS standards.

The anticipation for scheduling my checkride seems to be fading the longer it takes to get ready for it. I’ve passed my goal date of January 25, 2010 to have my private pilots certificate and have set a new goal of completing and passing my checkride by May 1, 2010. It’s quite a few days off but with the work schedule I have these days its hard to get lesson time in. If I miss the May goal I will have to pay to take my knowledge test over again before my checkride. I rather not have to put out the money to take the test again or have to study to take the test again. We are getting more good weather days than bad lately so hopefully weather won’t become an issue in trying to finish up.

In trying to pass the time until my next lesson I have been trying to finish up some home improvement projects that I’ve started over the past two years along with learning how to fly. I thought that maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad about not having time to fly if I started to see some unfinished projects finally done. I have managed to see some progress around home and it is making me feel better. It’s surprising how unfinished things can weigh you down. I have made one of my New Years resolutions not to purchase more items for another project until I get my current list of unfinished projects done. They all take time but if I move from the recliner and just start to work on something even for an hour things get down.

I’m amazed that my work on unfinished projects has inspired my 18-year-old daughter to start a full-scale cleaning effort of her bedroom and bathroom. She is not just moving things around to clean but sorting, tossing, and throwing items from her room. My husband also started to work on some unfinished projects of his own this afternoon and evening. I didn’t ask either of them to do their projects they just dug in and starting working. It’s amazing the amount of work that can be accomplished by 3 adults working on different projects at the same time. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish tomorrow.

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