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I Just Couldn’t Tell the Truth Yesterday and Here is Why..

I arrived at work yesterday just like anyday and parked out back and walked all the way through the shop up to the office stopping only to punch in on the timeclock halfway through the building.

I sat down at my computer to check my email and look at what I needed to get done for the day.  I wasn’t there but a few minutes and one of our mechanics came in the office with a extension tool that has a claw on the bottom for picking up things. 

He said “Did you bring these with you to work today?  I found them just inside the back door.”  I looked at what was at the bottom of his claw thing and it was a pair of my underwear.

I looked at him and said “I never saw those before, they are not from my house.” 

I just couldn’t admit to our 29 year old  mechanic that he had my underwear in his possession. 

Apparently yesterday morning when I put my capris on the previous days underwear were still inside.  I had only worn the capris for a couple hours at work the day before and had come home to change before taking my daughter to an appointment. 

I don’t know how I could not feel them inside when I put on new underwear and the capris and left for work but I didn’t.

What I am still wondering about is why didn’t he just put them in the dumpster which was a few feet away.  Instead he had to walk to his toolbox about 20 feet away and back to the location of the underwear.  Pick them up with the extension tool and walk all the way through the shop with my underwear hanging off the bottom of this tool up to the office. 

I was thankful at the moment that there were no customers in the waiting room which is where my desk is.  When I realized what was on the tool I removed them and put them in the trash. He left the office with his tool in hand minus my underwear.

Now this particular mechanic is not the mean spiteful kind that would knowingly try to embarrass someone like some of our other mechanics.  He is young and kind.  So what was he thinking?  I would truly like to know. 

My husband said that he had noticed the underwear on the ground and he thought that someone had “parked” behind our building and left them behind.  Apparently he didn’t know his own wife’s underwear.  I just guess they are not very exciting.

Today I will try to be more truthful.  It is a new day!  I’ve have been humbled once again.


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Curtis and the Crow

One evening as we sat down for our evening meal my oldest son Curtis starting telling my husband about his day.  He was about five years old at the time. 

“Hey Dad, you see that big tree in the backyard by the garden out there?” 

“Yes”  my husband replied.

“Well, today there was a Daddy crow and a baby crow up high in that tree and the baby crow fell out of its nest.”  said Curtis

He continued, we listened as he pointed animatedly to the tree out back.

“The baby crow landed down in the garden and he had his nose stuck in the mud and he couldn’t get out.  So the Daddy crow flew down to the garden and he pecked and pecked at the mud until the baby crow was unstuck.  Then they both flew back up to the nest.”

My husband said  “Curtis”  waiting for him to deny that it had really happened.

Curtis said “Dad,  It really happened and he worked a long time to get the baby crow unstuck.”

My husband said ” Curtis” giving him that look like he better fess up to the truth.

Curtis knowing he was caught in a story looked at his Dad and said “Well, It could have happened!”

In the past few years as we have seen various individuals weaving their tales before Congress, news agencies, and judges I’ve waited for the moment when just one of them looked into the camera or spoke into the microphone and spoke those exact words as my son “Well, it could have happened!”

How refreshing would the truth be instead of contrived elaborate stories.

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