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The Birds Revisited

I am a great fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies. When I was in college I spent an entire quarter studying Hitchcock movies.

Yesterday brought back memories of watching the movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock. I looked out my livingroom window and saw the lawn covered with black birds. I think they are grackles. When I opened my window the birds all took off and flew up into the trees in our yard. Then after a moment or two they flew back down to the ground covering it once again.

They were busy eating something in our lawn. I was just thankful it wasn’t all the grass seed we had just planted. Something spooked them once again and they all took off and flew over our house and then began eating again on the south side of our home. Everywhere I looked I saw birds.

In the early 70’s I lived in Minneapolis, MN.  I was about 12 then. We had an entire summer of evening entertainment. All the Dad’s spent the summer trying to move the grackles from our neighborhood to the next.

They were successful in moving them a block or two away but then just a few nights later the grackles would be back again. It reminded me a bit of the antics in the Caddy Shack movie of trying to get rid the golf course of gophers.

As fast as the birds came, they left.


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