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Upsala Off to the State Boys BB Tournament


Upsala High School Boys BasketballSection 5A Champions!
BBB 5A Champions
The Upsala Boys Basketball Team won the Section game 

against McGregor in Crosby Friday night 92-54. 

It’s an exciting week in our small town of 400. Our boys basketball team won the section game on Friday evening which will send our team to the Minnesota High School Basketball State Tournament in the Twin Cities on Thursday, March 24, 2011 for the first time ever in boys basketball for our school.

I’ve taught a lot of the boys on the team in my nine years of  teaching in Upsala. Some of the boys I had as kindergarten students.  It’s so fun to see the fine young men that they have grown into since those early days in school.

There is nothing that swells the hearts with pride in a small town than to have one of our teams or students succeed beyond the boundaries of our local area. We love our kids here!

If your drive through our little town this week you will see the business windows painted with well wishes for the team and the coaches. The busses will be decorated for their departure to the tournaments and the filled with special treats for the team. Cars traveling to the tournaments will be decorated with well wishes too.

An action shot from an earlier game

There will be no school on Thursday so they can use the school busses to carry the fans from the area to the tournaments, it’s a two hour drive to the Twin Cities. The big game will be at 5 pm on Thursday. The joke in town is whoever is the last to leave to the tournaments don’t forget to turn the lights out.

Good Luck Upsala Boys Basketball Team and Coach Capelle at State!


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Weekly Photo Challenge:Spring


It may not look like spring to most but here in Minnesota when the snow starts melting during the days and refreezes at night you see a lot of ice that looks like this.

My favorite ice in the springtime was the ice that was along the sidewalks that we would walk on as we walked to school just to hear it crunch.

This morning we woke again to thick fog which also reminds me that it is spring. As hard as you may look across the lake you cannot see the other shore.

Soon the snow will be gone and all that will be remembered is the Sunday afternoon that I went for a walk across the lake in thick fog in search of some signs of spring.

Just couldn’t end without a little bit of green spied just below my livingroom window this afternoon.


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A Few of My Favorite Things: Sunshine on Dry Pavement and Gurgling Water in My Gutter

Sunshine on dry pavement and gurgling in my gutters

Warm spring breezes and possible rain showers

Green grass peeking out atop of my septic

These are a few of my favorite things

Mud puddles forming and snow disappearing

Motorcycles rolling and snowmobiles not moving

Dairy Queen is Open for the new Summer Season

These are a few of my favorite things

Sunroof is open and heaters not heating

People out walking and finally meeting

Children out running and dogs barking after them

These are a few of my favorite things…

When the snow flies

When the temps drop

When I feel depressed

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad!


Current Conditions

Weather Station
1122 ft
Now 2pm 2-16-2011
46 °F
Feels Like 42 °F
Sunrise / Sunset
7:18 AM
5:44 PM
Today is forecast to be Much Warmer than yesterday.  Happy Wednesday!

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 A perfect day for me is always one that is ended with a beautiful sunset.  I was treated to just such a day yesterday.  I worked the morning at our business and then made a trip to the airport for an afternoon of flying.  I am getting ready for my  check ride and needed to practice my manuevers that I need to demonstrate on my flight test.

The afternoon was sunny but windy.  There was a strong crosswind from the west that made flying interesting and challenging.  I was bounced around as I practiced my manuevers in the practice area.  When I came back to the  airport it was time to practice power off landing but I kept getting blown off my course as I tried to land with the power set to idle and ended up doing some go-arounds.

I was exhausted as I left the airport after two hours of flying and as I was headed home the sun was setting.  Winter and early spring are my favorite times for sunset photos because of the tree silhouettes.  I love the longer days of spring and summer.   Hopefully there will be less of a crosswind on Friday for my check ride and plenty of sunshine.  I’m so excited to be this close to my check ride!


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Turkeys Celebrating Easter

This morning as my husband and I were leaving for church at the end of our road he spotted three turkeys out enjoying Easter. They must have known that they were not on the menu for Easter dinner. Each morning the past week I have heard the turkeys along with the pheasants as I head out to work but have not seen them until this morning.

Last evening was the first evening since last fall we slept with the window open in our bedroom. As I lay there waiting to fall asleep I could here the frogs in the nearby pond singing and the waves lapping against the shore. It is such a peaceful sound to fall asleep to. It was a little cool in our room this morning when I got up but the fresh spring air was so worth it.

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Going, Going, and Gone…

It’s one of my favorite days on Pine Lake. For me it officially marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Today the ice went off the lake. Yesterday afternoon it was about half gone but not all gone.

Ice Out Pine Lake March 31, 2010

Last evening I walked down to the lake for one last look before it got dark to see if the ice was all gone. Nope, not yet.

Ice Out Pine Lake March 30, 2010

This morning before I left for my flying lesson I took another look to see if the ice was all gone yet. Not quite but I was able to observe a beaver swimming along our shore before I left.

This afternoon when I got home from flying the ice was gone. Yeah!! Even if it snows after today it won’t matter because there is no ice on the lake and just watching the waves and listening to the birds makes it seem like spring. Today we are supposed to have unseasonable highs of 70 degrees. I love that. When I drive home from work each day as I crest the hill before I turn into our driveway I love to watch the trees turn from brown to a lime green as the leaves start to develope on the branches and eventually open up. Today is a good day no matter whatever else happens. Spring is here in Central Minnesota.

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On Cloud Nine, Flying Again

Its been two weeks since I last flew. I finally got up today with my CFI to practice maneuvers for my checkride. We worked on stalls, slow flight, and ground reference maneuvers. They went well and I felt more confident with the checkride coming up soon I hope. We were only up for 1.5 hours but the time went slower than it usually seems as we fly. We managed to cover a lot of skills today. I’m looking forward to our Wednesday flight to cover a few more. The airport was busy this afternoon. I think everyone was itching to get back in the air after a week of overcast skies and rain, I know I was.

It was overcast again. today but the ceilings were high enough we could fly. We managed to sneak in one day of sunshine on Sunday which melted a good share of our snow cover. As I was flying back to the airport I was amazed by the amount of water on the ground. They are predicting some flooding in our area for creeks and streams. The ground is still frozen and there is no where for the water to go except into lakes, streams, and rivers. The snow of two weeks ago is nearly gone and there is standing water everywhere. On the way back home from the airport there was a flock of snow geese collected on one of these overflowing creek beds. I wish I would have had my camera with to catch a picture of that scene. It won’t be long until all the brown of fall and the snow of winter make way for the green of spring. How fitting with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner.


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Day Five and Counting…

Fog Again...

Yesterday while I was at work we had our first thunderstorm of the year complete with pea sized hail, thunder and lightning. One cheery customer had to share his thoughts on our first thunderstorm he said that since our first thunderstorm was on March 11 all we had to do is add 6 months to that date to figure out when our first snow will be. September 11, 2010 was his prediction. We haven’t even finished this winter and already he is telling me when our next winter will begin. I can hardly wait.

Today is day five of foggy overcast weather in Minnesota. The earlier forecast this week was for the weather to clear by Friday afternoon which was today. No sun yet and the weather forecast for tomorrow is fog, overcast again, and chance of rain in the afternoon and evening. Its hard to get excited about fog. When the forecast is for snow people anticipate the snow and look forward to the possibility of no school if there is enough snow but what do you with fog??? You can’t make fog men or fog angels and they usually don’t call school off for fog. Once a few years ago they had a two hour late start due to thick fog but after two days of thick fog they decided that school would start at the regular time even with the thick fog. Too much of a disruption in the school day to start late and it looked like the weather pattern was here to stay for a few days.

The problem with fog is everything is wet and damp. The longer we are wet and soggy from the fog it seems that people get more irritable, including me. We are stuck in limbo. There are no snow activities like snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding in the rain and fog. We can’t get out and enjoy the warmer temps that come with the fog because it is too wet and damp. When I was teaching school we didn’t like to send the elementary students out for recess during weather like this because they would come back in soaking wet, so by the end of the week they were crabby and irritable just like the adults.

I’m ready for spring. This Sunday we set the clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time. That usually starts Spring for me at least in my mind. I like when its time to go home from work and it is still light outside. I feel like I still have some time left in my day to accomplish something outside of work in my yard or home. My energy level is directly linked to the amount of sunshine I get. If it is a bright sunny day I get so much more accomplished than a cloudy overcast day or the short days of winter. Its time for some progress around home. I find myself wandering from room to room looking out the window just staring at the white nothingness of the fog. Bring on the sun!

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