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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

One morning on my way into work I took a photo of power lines. It was a cloudy gray morning like we have so many of lately. I tried to get a shot of the sun through the clouds to frame in the lines of the power lines but the clouds weren’t cooperating.

The other photo that I used to Photoshop into my photo was at sunset over Nashville, Tennessee on my way home from Florida in February. I like the power lines in the background in the second photo that compliments the power lines in the first photo.

For those interested in what the first photo looked like before Photoshop here it is…..


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In Search of Pussy Willows

There are few things that mark the arrival of spring in Minnesota for me than seeing Pussy Willows for the first time each year.

Last week I went searching without success. I found the pussy willows but they weren’t open like they were today when I found them.

Each time I see Pussy Willows I am transported back in time to elementary school when my sixth grade teacher brought some Pussy Willows into school and put them in a vase on her desk. I think it was the first time I had ever seen them. She passed around a branch so we could touch them. I will always remember how soft they felt.

Today when I was on my way back to work at lunchtime I spotted the Pussy Willows in the ditch. I had my husband stop so I could take a picture. I walked carefully trying not to get wet feet while taking my picture. I was partly successful. I got the picture and only 50% of my feet got wet.

Now that I have found Pussy Willows it’s time to start searching for Cow Slips, guaranteed wet feet for sure.

Last evening I was sung to sleep by the sound of the frogs singing on the pond.

Oh, how I love spring!


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100% Sheer Determination

Twenty months old, 32 pounds, 36 inches tall and full of sheer determination. My grandson loves to be outside so yesterday after church things had warmed up enough that my daughter dressed him up to go outside.

We put a couple of lawn chairs on the paved driveway in the sun and brought out some toys for my grandson to play with outside. As we sat in our chairs, she read and I knitted as he walked up and down the driveway pushing his toy lawnmower through the mud and puddles.

Things were going well for quite a while until he discovered Grandpa’s snowmobile and wanted a ride. He came over to my chair, pulled me up and out of the chair, marched us over to the snowmobile, pulled himself up on it and wanted me to take him for a ride.

I can drive a snowmobile but I am not great in the starting it department. I can start it once it has been started for the first time for the day but pull starting it is not my strong suit. I told my daughter to go inside and get Grandpa to take him for a ride. He did not want to get off the snowmobile.

Grandpa came out and drove him around the yard and along the shore of the lake for about 20 minutes and then they came back to the house. He was okay with taking a break for about 20 minutes and then he wanted to go again.

We told him we were done for the day but he crawled up a 8 foot high snow bank from plowing that the snowmobiling was perched on. Then he grabbed hold of the rubber mat on the back of the snowmobile and pulled himself to standing next to the snowmobile. Next he reached across the seat of the snowmobile and pulled himself on the seat and then finally into place for riding. I can’t believe his upper body strength at his age.

He knows that you need to pull the yellow handle to start the snowmobile and tried his hardest to start it. No luck…Then he started hollering for Grandpa for a ride in his twenty-month-old gibberish. We didn’t need the words to know what he wanted. A picture is worth a thousand words or more sometimes.


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Upsala Off to the State Boys BB Tournament


Upsala High School Boys BasketballSection 5A Champions!
BBB 5A Champions
The Upsala Boys Basketball Team won the Section game 

against McGregor in Crosby Friday night 92-54. 

It’s an exciting week in our small town of 400. Our boys basketball team won the section game on Friday evening which will send our team to the Minnesota High School Basketball State Tournament in the Twin Cities on Thursday, March 24, 2011 for the first time ever in boys basketball for our school.

I’ve taught a lot of the boys on the team in my nine years of  teaching in Upsala. Some of the boys I had as kindergarten students.  It’s so fun to see the fine young men that they have grown into since those early days in school.

There is nothing that swells the hearts with pride in a small town than to have one of our teams or students succeed beyond the boundaries of our local area. We love our kids here!

If your drive through our little town this week you will see the business windows painted with well wishes for the team and the coaches. The busses will be decorated for their departure to the tournaments and the filled with special treats for the team. Cars traveling to the tournaments will be decorated with well wishes too.

An action shot from an earlier game

There will be no school on Thursday so they can use the school busses to carry the fans from the area to the tournaments, it’s a two hour drive to the Twin Cities. The big game will be at 5 pm on Thursday. The joke in town is whoever is the last to leave to the tournaments don’t forget to turn the lights out.

Good Luck Upsala Boys Basketball Team and Coach Capelle at State!


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Weekly Photo Challenge:Spring


It may not look like spring to most but here in Minnesota when the snow starts melting during the days and refreezes at night you see a lot of ice that looks like this.

My favorite ice in the springtime was the ice that was along the sidewalks that we would walk on as we walked to school just to hear it crunch.

This morning we woke again to thick fog which also reminds me that it is spring. As hard as you may look across the lake you cannot see the other shore.

Soon the snow will be gone and all that will be remembered is the Sunday afternoon that I went for a walk across the lake in thick fog in search of some signs of spring.

Just couldn’t end without a little bit of green spied just below my livingroom window this afternoon.


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A Few of My Favorite Things: Sunshine on Dry Pavement and Gurgling Water in My Gutter

Sunshine on dry pavement and gurgling in my gutters

Warm spring breezes and possible rain showers

Green grass peeking out atop of my septic

These are a few of my favorite things

Mud puddles forming and snow disappearing

Motorcycles rolling and snowmobiles not moving

Dairy Queen is Open for the new Summer Season

These are a few of my favorite things

Sunroof is open and heaters not heating

People out walking and finally meeting

Children out running and dogs barking after them

These are a few of my favorite things…

When the snow flies

When the temps drop

When I feel depressed

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad!


Current Conditions

Weather Station
1122 ft
Now 2pm 2-16-2011
46 °F
Feels Like 42 °F
Sunrise / Sunset
7:18 AM
5:44 PM
Today is forecast to be Much Warmer than yesterday.  Happy Wednesday!

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 A perfect day for me is always one that is ended with a beautiful sunset.  I was treated to just such a day yesterday.  I worked the morning at our business and then made a trip to the airport for an afternoon of flying.  I am getting ready for my  check ride and needed to practice my manuevers that I need to demonstrate on my flight test.

The afternoon was sunny but windy.  There was a strong crosswind from the west that made flying interesting and challenging.  I was bounced around as I practiced my manuevers in the practice area.  When I came back to the  airport it was time to practice power off landing but I kept getting blown off my course as I tried to land with the power set to idle and ended up doing some go-arounds.

I was exhausted as I left the airport after two hours of flying and as I was headed home the sun was setting.  Winter and early spring are my favorite times for sunset photos because of the tree silhouettes.  I love the longer days of spring and summer.   Hopefully there will be less of a crosswind on Friday for my check ride and plenty of sunshine.  I’m so excited to be this close to my check ride!


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