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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

While out on an afternoon walk near our hotel I took a picture of this palm tree and its shadow. I loved the color of the stripe on the wall and the beautiful blue skies. If only I could figure out a way to have a palm tree in my yard in Minnesota. It would certainly feel much warmer if I could look out my window and see a palm tree with its branches blowing in the wind.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

This week I decided to take the challenge of the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Each week WordPress will post a theme for the photo challenge. This week’s theme is boundaries.  Fences have alway been a structure defining boundaries.  They come in many shapes and forms.  Some have even become invisible like the ones used by pet owners. Sometimes fences are a structure for enhancing your surroundings in landscaping designs but convey an image of a boundary depending on their placement.


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