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Weekly Photo Challenge:Red

This week when they posted the theme for this week’s photo challenge I was on my way to racetrack. I was thinking about what I could use for the challenge not really thinking of a race track theme.

I was watching out the truck window trying to see some old red barns or farm buildings but there weren’t many within shooting range of the freeway as my husband was driving.

We arrived at the racetrack and everywhere I looked I saw red. After a while of wandering around the racetrack in the far back corner of the pits I found this on the side of a piece of farm equipment and decided my theme for red is versatile.

As we arrived at the track this was the first scene I saw when we checked in. I love the red-checkered shirt. It was a very cold 41 degrees with a strong north wind with an occasional misting.

After we checked in I saw the pace truck that carries the flag around the track during the National Anthem each week.

Then we headed up to the grandstands to grab a cup of coffee to warm up before the races started. It was the first of many trips up the hill to the grandstand that I made last evening in an attempt to warm up from the inside out.

After retrieving our coffee we headed over to the tech shed for the drivers meeting and saw this old car that has gone through a few changes. It’s not one of the cars that is raced at the track just a hobby car for one of the guys.

My favorite picture was a photo I took of the tech shed last week at the track under much warmer conditions. I love the reflection on the pond of the red truck.


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