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Looking Back At St. Pete’s Beach



This evening after an afternoon working out in the cold winds finishing up a few fall projects my mind wandered back to last February and our trip to St. Pete’s Beach.

One afternoon while we were out walking around St. Pete’s Beach we wandered past this old car parked in a driveway. It looked like something off an old postcard advertising Florida, palm trees and all.

I was uploading some photos for my husband when I located my photos from our trip. I played with the photo in Photoshop and this was the final result. I was looking for a picture that had a vintage feel to it.

I think it would make an interesting canvas photo for framing or a jigsaw puzzle. Learning Photoshop in the past year has made photography more fun. I love taking pictures with my Nikon D3100 and all the possibilities with Photoshop.

This is the photograph that I took in St. Pete’s Beach before post-processing.

I love the original photograph just as it is but the post-processing makes it something fun and whimsical.

Enjoy your week.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

One morning on my way into work I took a photo of power lines. It was a cloudy gray morning like we have so many of lately. I tried to get a shot of the sun through the clouds to frame in the lines of the power lines but the clouds weren’t cooperating.

The other photo that I used to Photoshop into my photo was at sunset over Nashville, Tennessee on my way home from Florida in February. I like the power lines in the background in the second photo that compliments the power lines in the first photo.

For those interested in what the first photo looked like before Photoshop here it is…..


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Daily Blessings


While we often spend our days



The past and the future,

We often miss 

The beauty

Each day has to offer

Just outside our tattered windows.


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Barn Cupolas

Yesterday while traveling I took this picture of a barn on the way home.

I wasn’t very excited about how it turned out because it was snowing and the lighting was poor and the I would have liked a better angle for the shot.

When I got home from work last evening I cropped the photo to only include the barn cupola.

I love cupolas and have started to look for more to photograph in our area. I love the round part of this cupola and the oxidation that has occurred over time.

After cropping the photo I played with it in Photoshop Elements 9 a little bit and ended up with something that looks a little bit like a Clip Art photo.

I am hoping that when I attend my Photoshop class on Tuesday that the instructor can help me with the lighting in the original picture. This week’s class was canceled due to the spring snowstorm. In the meantime I plan on trying to get a better composition shot of the barn.


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