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Picnik fun

 My daughter introduced me to my new best friend.  She showed me how to edit pictures in Picnik.  This is a picture I took recently of Jack Pine in our yard.  The photo hasn’t been altered.  It is exactly as I took the picture. 

I love it…But then I played with the photo in Picnik and this is what I did to it.

 I added the pink color around the edges.  There were a lot of different colors to choose from each changing the mood of the photo.

Next I added the darker edge around the photo so it has more of a shadow box effect.  I like the darker border around the picture.  It gives it more of a shadow box look.

Then I tried this with the same photo and here is the result.  It is called Holga-ish in the Picnik effect area.  I love the black and white of the photo.  When I first became interested in photography I took mostly all black and white, very little color photos and did my own processing.

Another effect in Picnik was this one they call Lomo-ish.  It added the different blues to the picture.

The last part I played with was the text part.  I just added the words Jack Pine Beauty to the photo.  After adding the text then I rotated it and moved it to the side of the picture.  There were many fonts to choose from and they even have a holiday theme font area.

This is only one area of Picnik that I played with last evening.  I’m looking forward to further investigation.  I know  a lot of photo enhancing sites are available.  I’d love to hear about your favorites.  My sister-in-law loves to use PhotoShop.  If she doesn’t like how a family photo turns out she has no problem moving heads around.  I’m not there yet and never will be.


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