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The Old and the Young: Eagles

Earlier this summer while out on the boat I spotted a  eagle next to a nest. This past weekend I went in search of the same eagle hoping to catch another glimpse while we were out on the boat. I was not disappointed.

The adult eagle that I saw was not next to the nest where I saw it earlier but in a tree just to the north of the location I first saw it. I’m assuming it’s the same eagle but not sure.

As we went a little further south in our boat, just a few feet, to the location of the nest and this is what I saw.

This young eagle was sitting in the location where I first spotted the adult earlier this spring. I was reading another blog this morning, one of my favorites Naturally Curious with Mary Holland

and learned that it can take up to four years for the young eagle to gain its white head and white on its tail. The young eagle was sitting and flapping its wings.

When we were travelling home just two days ago near the Mississippi River I saw an eagle soaring in the sky. Such a beautiful sight. I haven’t seen the eagle on our lake soaring overhead but I guess they have been busy tending to their young ones.


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Dogwood In Winter

One on my favorite things along the roadside where I live are the Dogwoods.  They can be found along  just about any country road in the area of central Minnesota where I live.  I love the vibrant red color of the stems in the winter.  In the spring you can often find cowslips growing along side the dogwoods. 

When I took this picture yesterday I stepped off the shoulder of the road and down into the ditch that was filled with snow.  Unfortunately I got a boot full of water along with the picture.  I didn’t know there was standing water in the ditch under the snow.

Outside the back door of our shop is this scene.  Yesterday when I stepped outside to take out the trash I could hear the windmill turning in the wind.  It took me a few minutes to identify the sound.  I love that some days I might see a calf looking over the fence to watch what I am doing outside.


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