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It’s Still Nice To Be Needed

I’m a Mom. That’s part of who I am and a role I have had for nearly 28 years so its hard to let that role change as your children grow up. Mine are:  27,24,22 & 20.  Over the years I have hauled my kids to one activity or another, doctor appointments, dentist appointments and to the mall when they weren’t old enough to drive. My kids don’t need me for these activities anymore because they all drive and have cars of their own.

My youngest son, the 24-year-old, asked me to drive him to the dentist this afternoon. He has to have his top two wisdom teeth pulled. I said I would pick him up and drive him to the appointment and home again. Our planned trip to the dentist brought back memories of the day I drove him to the oral surgeon to have the first two wisdom teeth our while he was still in high school.

I was teaching third grade that year but only as a reading and math specialist in the morning. His appointment was right after lunch so we left as soon as I was done with my students. We had a nice visit on our 45 minute drive. I was on a tight schedule that day because I had to get back to school for conferences that evening.

My son checked in and they said he should be in the recovery room in about 45 minutes.  Instead of waiting for him I decided to go to the pharmacy for the antibiotics and pain medications while he was in surgery. Just as I got back in the parking lot and got out of my car I heard a loud PSSSSSSSSSSST and looked to my right rear tire as it was going flat before my eyes. 

I started removing everything from my trunk to get to my spare tire. Most days this would not have been a big task but I had planned a stop at Goodwill on the way home and my trunk was filled with donations. It looked like I was having a garage sale in the surgery center parking lot. I got many interesting looks but no offers of help. I continued to go about getting ready to change my tire in my dress. 

Just when I was about ready to start they escorted my son out to the car. He was out of recovery. It was the end of their workday and they were ready to go home. We put my groggy son in the front seat and closed the door.

I jacked up the car and took off the flat tire and put it in the trunk. About the time I was ready to put the spare on the front car door opened and my son with a mouth full of gauze was trying to give me directions on how to change the tire. I said “I’ve got it handled, shut the door and stop wiggling the car”. I was afraid the jack would topple over if he moved too much. He shut the door and I continued to put the spare on, tighten the  lug nuts and let the car down off of the jack. Once again through a mouth of cotton he opened the door and tried to give me directions. Then he shut the door once again. 

After I loaded everything back in the trunk we headed back home with a quick stop at Goodwill to unload my trunk. I managed to make it just in time for my first conference after dropping my son off at our home. 

That evening after conferences my husband and I were at our shop repairing the hole in my tire. I told him I had to have hit something big as fast as the tire went flat. He took the tire off the rim to repair it and inside the tire there was the tiniest little wrench inside my tire. Only a mechanic’s wife would run over a wrench. I know you are thinking I must have run over it at our shop but it was an entirely different brand wrench than what the mechanics use at our shop.

I am hoping for a less complicated trip to the dentist this afternoon.  I may even have time to read a good book for a while….


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