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Happy Thanksgiving


This past week when my husband and I were out driving I spotted this turkey in a farm field and made my husband stop for a picture.  I’ve saved it for today’s post.

In our rural area we see a lot of interesting things made of hay bales.  Around Halloween farmers will take stuffed clothes and attach them to the outside of the bale  to make it look like someone was rolled up in it by the baler. 

At Christmas time farmers make huge snowmen out of the bales for decoration.  The most unusual hay bale art I saw was a tractor formed out of hay bales and then they sprayed it John Deere green to make it really look like a tractor.  Pretty cool!

In the past week I also had to dodge about a dozen wild turkeys crossing the road on the way to work.  It’s not the best photo but it shows the wild turkeys just the same.

May your day best blessed with the love of friends, family, words seasoned with kindness and bountiful food in a warm cozy home.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Jeanne


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