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When They Fall Out of the Nest

Just two short years ago my husband and I were talking about being empty nesters. Our oldest son had his own apartment, second son bought a home, oldest daughter living in an apartment with other college friends and our youngest daughter was graduating from high school and would be heading off to college in a few months.

Some dear friends teased about me needing a new pair of running shoes for at home as my husband chases me around a house with no children. Others talked about how lonely our home would be when our youngest moved out and left for college. We knew we would miss our kids but we loved to watch our oldest three succeed and would be excited for our youngest to head out on her own.

Life took a bit of a twist and turn back then. Just two short months after graduation our youngest gave birth to our first grandchild. She and her son have lived with us while she has attended college. Driving 35 miles one way three days a week.

A year ago our oldest son moved in to save money for a down payment for his own home. He just couldn’t save while paying rent at the same time. Now at the end of this month he will move into his own home. We are excited for him and excited to help him get settled.

Last weekend our oldest daughter moved back home until July 15, 2011. She will work at our family business until her summer classes begin and she moves into her new apartment with her sister and nephew.

Today our daughters signed a one year lease for their own apartment in St. Cloud. They will live together for our oldest daughter’s last year of college and our youngest’s third year along with her son. They move in July 15, 2011. What will happen after this next year who knows?

I knew the day would come eventually but now my quiver is full and will soon be empty. These days the washing machine is going almost constantly and the refrigerator door is always open with someone checking out its contents. I will have to pare down my grocery shopping for six to two and somehow adjust to doing laundry for only two. The fact that my dishwasher isn’t working properly won’t seem like such a big deal when it is just the two of us.

The silence will be deafening at times I’m sure but I doubt I will be lacking for things to fill my time. My greatest fear is that we will not rush home from work like these past two years to see what our grandson has been up to each day and instead become workaholics.

I know that this summer we will be taking advantage of what time we have with our grandson, daughters, and son while they are at home. We even bought our fishing license and fixed the boat lift so we can get the boat on the lake sooner than later. The Fourth of July used to be soon enough in the most recent years.

I will be biting my tongue more in the days to come, wanting the days to be remembered for the good times and not the petty arguments that develop over small things that really won’t matter five years from now or even next week. I want it to be an encouraging send off for each of them. For them to know we are proud of each one of them and eager to for them to feel the success for all their hard work.

I think I am ready to let them fly……


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Learning to Walk and Other Important Stuff


This past year I became a Grandma for the first and only time thus far.  It has been a year of learning all around.  My daughter and grandson live in our home while she attends college.  We have learned many important things in the past year as grandparents. 

We have learned when to help and when to step back and wait to be asked for help.  When to offer our opinion regarding a parenting issue and when to keep our mouths shut and let our daughter discover things on her own.  When to laugh at situations and when to stiffle our giggles until we are practically snorting without laughing.  When to get out of bed in the middle of the night to help with a fussy baby and when to let her work though the fussiness alone.  It has been a challenging but rewarding year.

Our grandson loves to walk around the house or anywhere as long as he has hold of both of your hands and he directs our paths.  He’s 11 months old this week.  We do laps around the house every evening and when he can’t get one adult to cooperate with him he searches out another for his evening strolls.  His favorite is his Uncle Curtis who also lives at home as he is saving for a down payment for the house he plans on purchasing this fall. 

The minute he hears the front door close he heads for the door and stands up holding onto Curtis, manuevers his body so it is facing forward, looks up and back over his shoulder, holds unto Curt’s hands, and away they go.  They survey the kitchen, laundryroom, bathroom, and livingroom.  Then he heads for the front door.  He wants to head outside and explore the outdoors.  Curt has already put in a long day working but he spends some time walking every evening with Jack.

This past week Jack has made the progression from requiring two hands to go for his walks to just one hand.  Last evening he was taking a step or two between my husband and I as we sat on the floor facing each other.  He would have done it for hours it we would have kept it up.  I fear that as soon as he has confidence in walking, he will not walk but run to every destination.  He climbs the stairs with record speed and squeals with delight as he reaches the top. 

I’ve raised four children, all grown now.  I think often as I watch Jack and try to remember the days when my children were learning to walk.  It all seems to be fuzzy in my memory, a long time ago.


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