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So We’re Officially Old, 50 is the New 80

Tonight my husband and I had an appointment at church for our picture for the new church directory.  I went kicking and screaming.  Not really but I really dislike having my picture taken.  This was the first picture we’ve had taken without our children.  The church directory always showed the old retired folks alone with no kids.  They always look like 50th wedding anniversary pictures.  Were we part of that club now?  We’re not that old or are we?

The photographer asked when the last time the two of us had our picture taken together.  I said when we got married.  “When was that?”  He asked.  I replied 1983.  We told him that we had a couple of family pictures taken with our kids but never just the two of us.  He proceeded to set us up for the pictures having us move into various poses and then finally taking an individual picture of each of us.  I said that we really didn’t need separate pictures but he took them anyway.

After the pictures we went to the sales table to decide which picture we would like for our church directory.  We sat down and went through the process of choosing our photo much like choosing a lens for your eyeglasses.  “Do you like the photo on the left or the right better?”  Then they would eliminate the one we didn’t like and add another to choose between.  Once again “Do you like the photo on the left or the right better?”  Once we had narrowed the photos down to the one we wanted for the church directory and our free 8 x 10 then it was on to the individual photos. 

I said “We really don’t need to choose an individual photo because we don’t need any individual pictures for any reason.”

Then my husband said “I think we should look at them because you never know when you need one and we don’t have any.”  

I looked at him and said “What in the world would we need individual pictures for? 

He said “If I die then you will have a picture for the obituary and you won’t have to look for one.” 

“Are you kidding me?” 

He said “You never know when you might need a photo”. 

“What else would you need an individual photo for?”  I asked.

“Maybe if you decided to run for Congress”


I had decided before we ever arrived that we would just get the complimentary photo and that would be it.  Suddenly I was sitting next to a sentimental fool who not only wanted pictures of the two of us but individual ones as well.  This is so unlike him. 

“Maybe our kids and parents would like a nice picture of the two of us.”  He said.

“Okay” I relented and said that we could get six 5×7’s: one picture for his parents, my parents and one for each of our four kids.

“What about the individual photos?” 

I said “I don’t think we need any.”

“We really should consider getting some wallet size pictures of each of us” 

I could tell that this was not a battle I was going to win so we ordered the smallest number of wallets we could, nine.

What am I going to do with nine wallet size pictures of myself or him for that matter?  I guess I will file them away with our wills for our future obituary pictures.  Perhaps it’s time for our funeral planning and picking out our burial plots. 

 Suddenly after one hour of time I felt decades older.   50 is the new 80, Right?  I thought it was the other way around.


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Dejanesia..When Deja Vu and Amnesia collide

A new word perhaps, but we’ve all been there before.  Deja Vu and amnesia.  We’re pretty sure that we’ve forgotten this before.  My husband and are both getting older.  He’s 51 and I’m 50.  We laugh now, but the more times we forget something you start wondering.  Am I really losing it?  Did you really tell me that before and I don’t remember or are you just messing with me?

It’s  not so funny as we get older.

Just this week in the car we were driving and my husband was talking about a part he needed to order for a truck we have for sale.  He hated to order it because it is so expensive for what it is.  I said to him why don’t you just have one of our boys draw up the plans for the part and have some manufactured.  In the long run it could be cheaper and if you have leftover parts you could sell them on Ebay.  Both of our sons do mechanical design work for different companies and are capable of producing the part. 

We drove a little farther and I was rambling on about the part for about 30 seconds and he looked at me like I lost my mind because he couldn’t remember what we were talking about thirty seconds ago and what I was talking about made no sense to him for what he was thinking about.  He tried to pick up some clues to what I was talking about and finally just asked “What were we just talking about?  I don’t remember.” 

Its not only him.  We both get so deep in our thoughts when we travel anywhere.  When one of us starts a conversation we first have to pull the other away from their thoughts and into the present to get their attention.  The older I get I can appreciate quiet and thinking time.

My grandmother had dementia when she died in her nineties.  I guess the fact that it waited until she was in her nineties to show up gives me a few more years before I need to worry.  Is it in my blood?  The thought creeps in when you head all the way down to the basement to get something, get there and can’t remember what you were there for then back upstairs to remember what you went to get or do. 

How many of us have headed down the road and then back home again to check, re-check some item before we head out on vacation?  I have.  I’ve even made it to the airport and called my next door neighbor to please go check if I left my curling iron on in the bathroom.  The old one didn’t have an automatic turn off.

Each year about this time my husband and I help my parents take their sailboat out of the lake for the winter.  It’s something we’ve done just the four of us each fall and then the reverse in the spring. for several years sometimes with snowflakes falling.    Every year we stand scratching our heads trying to remember what has to happen first.  Which cables to loosen before we let the 25′ mast down or wait…do we leave those cables tight until the mast is down then loosen the cables?  Do we have the front of the boat parked uphill or downhill one way was definitely easier last year? Did we remember all the tools we need?  Usually not!

This year so I don’t suffer dejanesia again in the spring I think I will make a list of the sequence of events for the sailboat so that in the spring we won’t be wondering just how we did it the last time.  But then of course we would have to do things in reverse which can create a whole new set of problems.  Some people just can’t comprehend doing things in reverse order even if its written down.  You would think that having the same four people at the same event each year at least one of us would remember the order.  We provide the entertainment for any local fishermen trying to put their boats in or out of the boat landing.  I’m reminded of the Three Stooges show that used to be on Sunday mornings as we got ready for church only now there are four.

I’ll let you know how it goes, unless, of course, I think that I already told you before even if I haven’t.  Dejanesia can be so much fun.


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