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I’m Getting the Itch..

Last evening I was cleaning up the kitchen and opened the drawer that holds my leftover seeds from last year’s garden.

I pulled them out and started looking at the different envelopes. The watermelon looked delicious and the package of snap peas made me long for the days of standing in the garden, picking a snap pea and eating it where I stood.

When I think of gardening one person comes to mind, my husband’s grandma. She loved gardening. When Grandma was living gardening was her whole life. She was legally blind from macular degeneration and a widow since 1961. Her hands and feet were twisted from arthritis but she loved to garden.

 She would plan out her garden on pieces of paper. Her writing because of her poor eyesight was large and childlike printing. Each year she would pull out her plans from the last year and plan where she would plant this year’s crop. She would decide what seeds she needed to order and my mother-in-law would help her order. In the later years the garden became more of a joint project. I can still see her handwriting on paper if I close my eyes.

She would spend hours crawling on her hands and knees tending to her garden. This was no small garden but measured about 20′ by 30′. Each year there was always talk of making it a little smaller but it hasn’t happened yet. My husband said that he had his taste first salsa in his grandma’s kitchen long before it ever hit the grocery store shelves. She made her own in her little kitchen with ingredients fresh from her garden.

She was born in 1899 and live to be 90 years old. She worked in her garden until two years before her death she had a stroke and could no longer work the garden. She lived a frugal life. She lived in a small log cabin with a couple of additions on it. She ate what she raised in her garden with a few other items from the grocery store. After her stroke she longer to sit in a chair next to the garden with her sun hat on while my mother-in-law continued their tradition of gardening.

Last evening I found the above photo that I took in my garden of the bee on the sunflower and it brought back the memories of the warm days of summer wandering around in Grandma’s garden to check out the progress of everything growing.


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I feel invaded, the garden used to be my territory

On the Porch

This past weekend my two daughters , 21 & 19, decided that they wanted to plant a vegetable garden.  I don’t have one due to past problems with trying to grow one.  I do have a flower garden.  “Mom, where can we put a vegetable garden?”  they asked.  I suggested the most sunny location in the yard and recommended that they not start too large this year.  They measured and marked off a 10′ by 12′ plot and started removing the sod.  Then my husband got into the act and took out my small garden tiller that I bought a few years ago and started to use when he remembered that it quit working for him last year when he was seeding in some grass in an area where we had done some construction.  He started taking it apart in the driveway.  He ordered the part on the internet to fix it.  He’s a mechanic so I know it will eventually make it back together and work when its done.

Up until last weekend not one of my family members has shown any interest in the yard or gardening.  I’ve done all the yard work and gardening.  It has been my sanctuary.  I love mowing the lawn, good thinking time and no phones.  When I feel a little crowded inside, I head outside to my garden.  I came home on Monday to find my oldest daughter in the rhubarb.  She asked if she could cut some and I said “Go ahead.”   She cut it all.  She spent hours washing, cutting and freezing the rhubarb.  It seems that her new boyfriend’s mother loves rhubarb and she has decided to bring her some.  The things we do for love.  Now my husband is complaining because he has to dig under all the rhubarb in the freezer to get at what he wants.

We had a pine tree go down in some strong winds last week and I came home to my oldest son cutting it up in the yard with the chainsaw.  He’s helping, I know but what is up with my family?  They have never spent as much time outside in the yard as they have in the past week.  Maybe I should be concerned.  Maybe they think I’m getting old and can’t handle the yard anymore.  Perhaps they are feeling as crowded in our home as I have and are seeking a sanctuary of their own. 

On Memorial Day I was out trying to water my garden because it was extremely dry so I set up the sprinkler and went inside to set up some coffee.  I came back out and it was gone.  Apparently my daughters decided the ground was too hard where they were trying to dig for their garden and moved the sprinkler to their location.  After they were done using it I put the sprinkler back in the original location and went to hang some clothes out to dry on the line.  I came back and it was gone again.  I looked toward where my daughters had their garden, no sprinkler.  Then I followed the hose to the other side of the house to where my husband thought that the new grass seed he planted could use some water.  I gave up and decided to sit on the porch and read a book instead.

While I was sitting on the porch reading my book at a table I had just placed there this past week soon I was joined by one daughter, then my other daughter with my grandson, my husband, my youngest son and finally  my oldest son.  Apparently I made my new table too inviting because they all surrounded me there.  I know I should feel flattered that my family wants to be near me but a little alone time is good for the soul.

Today is Thursday and I will probably cut the grass before the weekend unless someone else beats me to it.  I’m not quite sure these days what might happen.  As I survey my yard I will have a lot of obstacles to cut grass around because as excited as everyone was to be outside and start on things, not one of managed to finish what they started or clean up their individual messes. 

What’s next?  Perhaps all their enthusiasm was short-lived for the garden last weekend and it will once again be mine this weekend.  If not,  I will have to learn to share with my new friends in the garden just like we were taught in kindergarten.


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