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100% Sheer Determination

Twenty months old, 32 pounds, 36 inches tall and full of sheer determination. My grandson loves to be outside so yesterday after church things had warmed up enough that my daughter dressed him up to go outside.

We put a couple of lawn chairs on the paved driveway in the sun and brought out some toys for my grandson to play with outside. As we sat in our chairs, she read and I knitted as he walked up and down the driveway pushing his toy lawnmower through the mud and puddles.

Things were going well for quite a while until he discovered Grandpa’s snowmobile and wanted a ride. He came over to my chair, pulled me up and out of the chair, marched us over to the snowmobile, pulled himself up on it and wanted me to take him for a ride.

I can drive a snowmobile but I am not great in the starting it department. I can start it once it has been started for the first time for the day but pull starting it is not my strong suit. I told my daughter to go inside and get Grandpa to take him for a ride. He did not want to get off the snowmobile.

Grandpa came out and drove him around the yard and along the shore of the lake for about 20 minutes and then they came back to the house. He was okay with taking a break for about 20 minutes and then he wanted to go again.

We told him we were done for the day but he crawled up a 8 foot high snow bank from plowing that the snowmobiling was perched on. Then he grabbed hold of the rubber mat on the back of the snowmobile and pulled himself to standing next to the snowmobile. Next he reached across the seat of the snowmobile and pulled himself on the seat and then finally into place for riding. I can’t believe his upper body strength at his age.

He knows that you need to pull the yellow handle to start the snowmobile and tried his hardest to start it. No luck…Then he started hollering for Grandpa for a ride in his twenty-month-old gibberish. We didn’t need the words to know what he wanted. A picture is worth a thousand words or more sometimes.


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Smell-O-Vision: What My Family Would Not Be Allowed to Watch on TV


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          It hasn’t happened yet but someday someone will develop the ability to provide smell with our television programs or movies. There are just some things that my family would not be allowed to watch when Smell-O-Vision comes to television.

One of the top five on my list would be Animal Planet.  I hate the smell of animals when walking through the zoo. Don’t get me wrong. I am an animal lover and have owned several pets. At one time in college I worked in a pet store while the owner went on vacation. I just don’t like a concentrated area of animal smells.

The next on my list would be CSI. I love the show but they get into their work a little more than my nose would enjoy especially the autopsy room.

Another favorite show at our home has been Dirty Jobs. The host often tells us how bad things really smell but I doubt that it could compare with the actual smell entering my livingroom.

Dr. G is always an interesting show on how she solves medical mysteries but just like CSI, I can do without the autopsy scenes and smells.

Hoarders would also top my list especially the shows where they have hoarded animals and they measure the urine level as toxic to humans. 

This is my short list for television shows.

I’m sure that you could add plenty more to the list if I started adding movies to my list. 

Now I have a whole other list for the show that would definitely be allowed like Rachel Ray and all the other fabulous cooking shows. A person could gain weight just smelling their wonderful creations.


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