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Ingredients for a Great Saturday Night

When I was growing up there weren’t many perks around home.  We had everything that we needed but not much extra.  One thing that was rarely in our home was pop or ice cream unless Dad and Mom decided to make a special Saturday night treat.

We used to have game nights long before it was the thing that everyone recommended for a closer family.  Dad and Mom would take out the Monopoly, Trouble, or Scrabble game and we would play for a few hours.  The closer it got to bedtime Mom and Dad would say we needed to finish up our game and then we would have a bedtime treat.  They would make Root Beer Floats.  They were the best way to end a perfect family evening.

Last evening my husband and I were in town picking up some new works shoes for my husband and a few other necessities.  While we were eating our dinner I saw a stack of stainless steel glasses and I remembered what I had in my basement.  It was something my sister gave me a few years ago that I had forgotten about.  I told my husband that I wanted to stop by a grocery store to pick up a few ingredients to make something special for the girls, grandson Jack and the new boyfriend who was over for a visit.

When we got home I headed to the basement passed the family room where they were all watching a movie and asked if they were up for a treat.  They said yes and I proceeded gather my ingredients for the treat.

One of my early jobs in my life time was working at a Bridgeman’s Ice Cream shop as a cook, waitress and soda jerk so I am qualified to operate one of these machines.  I began to get a bit nervous and feared ice cream sprayed all over my kitchen as my husband began turning the knobs on the top that adjust the speed.  Of course for him, the race car driver, faster is better for everything.  Not so with malts. 

I began mixing the ingredients for the Chocolate Malts.  Here is the end to my perfect Saturday Night.


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