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Horses on a Winter’s Day

This past week I was on my way home from flying when I went past this pair of horses.  I stopped my car and backed up to take a picture of the two.  I sat for a long time and watched to two horses and they stood and watched me.  While I sat in my car and watched I thought back to my junior year in college.

Shortly after Christmas my Mom told me that she would be sending me some money to do something fun.  She said that she didn’t want me to spend it on school.  I thought about for a few days and I finally decided that I would sign up for riding lessons at a nearby college.  I had never been on a horse in my life.  I lived in the city growing up and always thought that it would be exciting to learn how to ride a horse. 

I researched when the classes would be and signed up for riding lessons.  It came time for the first riding lesson.  It was on a Saturday morning at 8 am.  What college student in their right mind signs up for a class at 8 am on a Saturday morning.  I usually worked as a prep cook at an Italian restaurant until 2 am on Friday and Saturday evenings.  I got myself out of bed and drove a half hour to my lesson and arrived about 10 minutes early. 

I asked for directions to where my class was and they directed me to the stable and said I would find my instructor there.  I walked over to the stable and walked inside.  There must be some mistake I thought as I looked around the room.  I was the only adult in the room except for the instructor.  The rest of the students were all elementary age students.  I thought that the class would be beginning college age students not elementary age students.  So much for asking all the right questions.  I pride myself on being prepared.  I wasn’t ready for this.  Once we started the class the age difference didn’t seem to be important.  We were all learning to do something we wanted to do from someone who wanted to teach us about horses.

Learning about saddling a horse was all new to me.  I had one advantage over the younger students, my height.  I could lift my saddle up on the horse without help while the younger students struggled to hoist their saddles up.    My instructor taught us about English riding.  It was fun learning to do something I had always wanted to do.  Each Saturday morning for twelve weeks I got up and headed over for my lesson.  It was rough after working so late but the fresh air was wonderful.  My lessons were in the winter time and many mornings we rode in the indoor arena but the best lessons were when we bundled up and headed outside and rode on the nearby wooded trails. 

I haven’t been on a horse since my lessons in nearly 28 years but I can still remember the feeling of accomplishment having learned something new.  There is a new horse back riding arena just outside of town.  Seeing those horses this past week have ignited a desire in me to ride again but not wait 28 years for the one after that.


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Unassaulted Time…Early Mornings are worth it

I love early mornings.  A quiet mind within a quiet house not yet awake.  It’s a great time to read, think, and write.  I enjoy sitting in the quiet and thinking about the day that is just beginning and its possibilities with a cup of hot coffee in hand.

Some mornings like the past week have been dreary and rainy making it hard to get moving.  This time of the year it is difficult to force myself out of bed in the dark.  It takes so long to see the early morning sun which is another motivator for me.

I love to listen as one by one the others in my home wake up and join the day.  Each in their own way.  My oldest son jumps to meet the day and hops instantly into the shower to get ready.  Not late, it’s just how he starts his day.  My youngest daughter greets the day slowly and slumbers later into her morning.  She takes it slowly never in too much of a hurry.  It’s always been that way since they were born. 

My youngest son used to greet the day screaming as a baby.  He was hungry.   Now!  Feed him and everything was right with his world.  He’s mellowed a bit in that department.  My older daughter always greeted her new day with delight and still does.

Throughout the day at work so much of the day is spent in the reactionary mode or as my husband likes to put it “Putting out fires”.  When you deal with customer service you drop what you are doing or planning to do to meet the needs of the customer  your day becomes fragmented.  It ends without a feeling of accomplishment because not one thing was finished to completion on your list.  Many things may have moved forward with some progress but not entirely finished.

Even on the most stressful days at work if there was time in the morning for quiet before the chaos the day seems to go better.  If there was none because I started the day racing through it and there was no time to relax in the morning,  things just don’t go as smoothly.  Unassaulted time has its benefits even in the dark.


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Earth’s Early Morning Song

Watching, waiting, listening to earth’s early morning song,  overcast skies with fresh, cleansing breezes blowing after an overnight rain.  Water dripping from the freshly washed branches of the pine trees.  Rustling in the poplar trees leaves sounds like a steady rain.

Patience perfected as cautious head appears from the pine grove.  Searching, ears up like radar checking for danger.  Mother and fawn appear slowly crossing the edge of the field.  Slowly moving from east to west.  Tiptoeing near a flowerbed they stop for a nibble.  Galloping from behind they are joined by a third.  Cautiously scanning they continue their parade nearly out of sight.  Head down every so often for a taste of wet clean grass. 

Rustling in the east a fourth emerges, stops to survey the surroundings then runs to join the others,  standing like statues frozen in time trying to be unseen.  Dog barking in the distance they disappear in the west.

Dragonflies perform aerobatics in the skies above,  two in formation.  Left steep turns together and then right.  Higher, lower they fly their ballet.  Silently they dance as the crows caw in the distance.  The cars on a distance road provide their song to the mix.  Heard in the distance from west to east.  The sound rising as the approach and quieting as they depart on their way to work in the early morning hours.

Scampering, looking a field mouse climbs to the deck sees me and retreats below.  A second try, more brave, as it sits with its little pink feet and big brown eyes.  Observing me trying to decide,  moves a few inches carefully watching then darts on by with the sound of the woodpecker in the distance covering its steps.

Pink Cosmos flower heads swaying in the morning breezes.  Sunflower heads, heavy from rain, straining to find the sun.  The leaves of the maroon smoke plant shimmer with its fresh raindrops displayed.  Overcast skies clearing, making way for glimpses of blue.  Low gray clouds passing by, making blue skies not true.  Storms moving in as the day begins.


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