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Multi-tasking is Not Good for the Soul…

For years my husband has been telling that he likes to finish one thing before he starts another.  In our business it is very hard for him to do that because he sells, buys and fixes vehicles.   He has many interruptions throughout the day and some days he feels that he hasn’t accomplished anything.   That usually means that he spent the day talking to customers about vehicles but has not completed the mechanical work he intended to get done that day.  My answer to him in the past years has been “Welcome to Motherhood”. 

When you are taking care of a baby or a family, in general,  it is a day and sometimes a night filled with many interruptions.  There are many days when you feel that you are farther behind than where you were when the  day started.  The house is messier, there is more laundry and dinner isn’t ready either.

I think that I am starting to come around to his way of thinking.  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to move from one thing to another without feeling agitated.  I like how I feel when I complete a project.  It seems that I have less completed projects at the end of my day than I used to have.  Maybe its my age or laziness.  My husband used to get frustrated with me because I would use commercials to go and do the dishes or laundry and never just sit through an entire tv show.  I used to pride myself on the number of different things that I could accomplish in a day.   Where is that pause button on life?

When I was learning to fly my CFI (certified flight instructor) was constantly reminding me to divide my attention from inside the plane and outside the plane.  You need to do that to remain safe.  Dividing attention keeps you aware of your surroundings and your instruments in the plane.  She said “I know that when you taking care of your grandson that you are doing more than just watching him.  You are probably doing laundry, cleaning, fixing a meal or maybe working on your computer.”  I reached a point in my life where I would like to just savor the moment. 

If I am gardening, I want to keep gardening.  I don’t want to stop and fix a meal.  If I am quilting I’d like to keep quilting until I am ready to stop and not be thinking about the laundry that needs to be done.  If I am reading a good book there are days I would like to read through the entire book if I felt like it without guilt.

Since I started my blog in January I have enjoyed thinking about different topics to write about.  I enjoy reading other blogs and hearing about different parts of the world.  I don’t want to divide my attention to different tasks anymore.  I  just want to devote my time and  attention to whatever is my interest is at the moment.  Could this be a glimpse into those possibly elusive retirement years waiting for me?


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