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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Each and every year since we moved into our home in 1993 I have tried to find the perfect place to hang the Christmas stockings.  Some years I hung them on the open stairway in the livingroom.  I’ve hung them on the front of the TV stand.  I’ve tried to hang them from the frame of the window in the living room but haven’t been happy with any place.

I’ve looked at the space around our little stove in the porch where we put up the Christmas tree each year and decided it would be the perfect place.  This is the before picture.

Last Sunday I started my project.  Tonight I finished it and hung the stockings.  This is the after picture.

I came home from work at 7:30 pm and planned on making Swedish Meatballs after work and freezing them.  I gathered my ingredients and went to the refrigerator to take out the ground beef and ground pork and realized that half of the beef that I purchased was gone.  By this time the grocery store in our small town was closed.  There are no 24 hour grocery stores here.  If I wanted to go buy more beef it would mean a drive of 25 miles one way to buy some.  It would have to wait until tomorrow.

I called my daughters to see if they had used  the beef and their response was “Possibly”.  They had made Sloppy Joes with the beef.  They were on the road to another town and said they would pick up some more.  They didn’t get home until 10:30pm so tomorrow it is for the meatballs.  So much for trying to do things ahead of time.

This afternoon when I drove into town to transfer titles I found some more curious cows.   Just thought I’d share.

As I drove past this road ditch I noticed that the branches growing in the ditch had a white frosty look to them as I drove by.  I stopped at decided to take a picture.  As I got closer I realized that there was ice on the branches that gave them the white look.

I hope that as you are preparing for Christmas you will find to take time to observe the beauty around you.


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Roadside and Old Time Views

The sun was shining this morning after days of gray clouds, snow and cold which automatically makes it a great day for me.  Once in a while I get to take a short road trip from our shop to the upholstery shop about 20 miles cross-country.  It was a beautiful day for a drive.  I couldn’t help but play a little roadside photo hooky.  Okay, I confess I stopped to take some pictures while I was on the clock .   I really didn’t get a morning break because I was driving instead so a few minutes to take some pictures should be okay and good for the soul.

Along my way I ran into a couple of curious observers as I was taking pictures.

As I passed one hillside I had to stop to take another look at what I saw.  It was something I had never seen before. 

I looked like someone had scribbled all over the hillside.  I suspect that mice have tunneled around in the grass under the snow but I’m not sure.  I will have to do some research on this.  I love the artwork that nature sometimes provides.

When I’m taking pictures I like to get some water in the picture which is hard to do in Minnesota in the winter but I managed to find some open water to photograph along my route. 





I love trips to Auggie’s Upholstery Shop because there are always history surprises in his shop.  Auggie restores old car interiors so you never know what you will see inside.  Today it was a 1940 Packard. 


My attitude is so much better after some sunshine today.  This is what I woke up to yesterday. 

The snow was so wet and heavy that it broke branches off our White Pine.  Everything  was so much better yesterday after a cup of homemade Turkey Wild Rice Soup and a good book.  A great day to stay inside with 30-40 mph winds most of the day.

Time to head for bed, I feel a cold coming on….


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