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I Think I Am Down A Pint…

This evening when I finally got home I decided to take my camera and walk down to the lake in hopes of getting a picture of the very vocal loons that I heard last evening.

It was a very still, humid evening. Just perfect for mosquitos and not so much for me. (Yes, That is my arm being sucked dry by this mosquito and many others.)

As I wandered around my yard to check out what was new blooming in my garden I was already swatting mosquitos but wasn’t intimidated enough to head back in yet.

I walked out on our dock in search of the loons but they weren’t around our dock area and I couldn’t hear them in the near vicinity.

As I was walking I continued swatting mosquitos. I could have used spray but I don’t like to because that means a shower before I head to bed.

Down by the lake the grass was moving with my every step. Here is what was on the move. Hundreds of them. They were really quick and it was very challenging to get close enough to one and get it in focus before it moved.

If you look at the size of the frog compared to the clover you will notice that they are only about one inch in length now.

Today on our drive home from a funeral we saw this wildflower growing along the roadside. It is the first I have seen of its kind this spring/summer season. It is a Cow Parsnip and it is a very large and tall plant. It was about four feet tall in the ditch where we stopped.

The Cow Parsnip plant reminds me a bit of the Dill plants that grow in my husband’s parent’s garden.

There is not much blooming for color in the wildflower department lately. Mostly yellow or white flowers. Soon some pretty pinks will be added to the mix. Can’t wait to share them.

Heading to bed in hopes of being sung to sleep again by the loons, frogs, and the waves on the shore but not the buzz of the mosquito.


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