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The Mystery Tour: Clues 1,2 & 3

The mystery tour began this morning at 3 am when we got up and were ready to leave the house for the two hour drive to the Minneapolis airport.

Our flight departed at 7:00am this morning and arrived at our destination at 11:00am.

Clue #1

This morning when we left our home at 4:15 am my son had to scrap ice off his windshield before we could leave. It was a bone chilling 31 degrees.

Upon our arrival at the first stop in our mystery tour I saw this sight.

Clue #2

And this sight…

During our travels we happened upon this lovely sight. It is definitely not native to my home state of Minnesota.

Our travels this day began with two hours of driving in a car, three hours by plane, 5 minute train ride, a mile and a half of walking, two hours of a city bus ride and topped off with five more hours of driving by truck.

I will post more photos on Monday of leg two of the Mystery tour but I will leave you with Sunday evenings sunset.


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