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The Early Morning Dance of the Cessnas

Cessna 4872 B was the first to take the dance floor departing on runway 31, instructor and student aboard. 

I watched from the holdshort line as they started the dance.  Rotating and lifting off the runway heading down the runway. 

Cleared for takeoff I joined the dance in Cessna 67764.  

4872 B gaining altitude and then turning right crosswind and setting up for the downwind leg.  

I rotated and lifted 67764  off the runway following their move heading down the runway gaining altitude. 

4872B calls midfield downwind and sets up for their turn for base. 

 The voice of the student shaky as he announces his position. 

As they travel down for final, I am moving up in an airborne ballet.

They complete the first round of the dance floor and set up for the second.

N67764 calls midfield downwind as 4872B  takes to the air again.

Each perfecting their dance steps each time around the floor moving in right closed traffic.

Too nose high on crosswind this time, next time lower the nose.

Too slow on final last round, more airspeed this round.

A little left of the centerline on landing, on centerline the next.

67764 adjusting trim for an easier dance.

Radio calls of the student are more confident as a comfortable rhythm develops.

Control tower adds in its calls to keep the dance in time.

Round and round we go with no one joining the dance.

67764 is the first to leave the dance floor and heads to the ramp.

4872B continues the dance solo on the clear, crisp, sunny morning. 

67764 dreams of the next dance and it’s wings that wait for flight.


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