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Top Ten Things That Gross Me Out When I Detail a Car

I have to admit this is not my usual type of post but I just had to share one small part of my world.  I clean cars for part of my job each day.  Some are trade-ins but most are 2-3 year old vehicles that are lease turn ins or repossessions.  Over the years I keep developing my list of things I hate to find in cars when I clean them.  All of the items have been found by me at least once in the past five years.

10.  leftover food, ie french fries, bits of hamburgers and condiment packages

9.  door pockets filled with garbage, ie used kleenex, gum wrappers

8.  used toothpicks, usually in various stage of being chewed, and dental floss (at least they are concerned about their dental hygiene

7.  unrecognizable chunks of candy melted together under the seat

6.  a pair of men’s dirty underwear and socks ( I wonder if he changed them while driving?)

5.  pet hair, lots of it (This reminds me of the Turner and Hooch movie)

4. finger nail clippings including toe nail clippings ( Who does this in a car?  I can tell you more than one person)

3.  a chocolate milk bottle with milk  soured in it ..chunky, chunky, chunky

2.  a pop bottle with a lot of  spit from a tobacco chewer in it (What’s the official name of that slimy stuff?)

1.  cockroaches along with the eggs & nymphs (just once) but that was enough!


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