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Spring: My Season of Productivity

This morning as I stood under our maple tree looking towards the blue skies I thought “I could get a lot done today if I stayed home from work.”

Mornings that I wake up and see blue skies, sunshine and feel the warmth in the air energize me. This morning before work I washed three loads of clothes and hung them out on the line. Spent an hour on my bible study homework and picked up a few things out of place.

If I were home today it would be a perfect day to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in and start washing windows. I know why in the old days women did their spring cleaning. It was not just because they needed to do it after the long winter, they felt capable of doing it. During the winter my energy level is much lower and I feel like I get so much less accomplished.

During this season I spend very little time indoors so I can savor the perfect weather. I love to be outside in the flower garden, down by the lake or just take a walk. I can’t help but notice the daily changes around me. During the winter everything seems to stay the same other than a little more snow than the day before.

As I was walking around the yard this morning I could hear activity in the air. The birds were singing, tractors in the distance, motorcycles on a nearby road and voices of others outside on this beautiful morning.

Today is a day that many things will be accomplished.


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More Blue Skies than usual is not always a good thing…

This morning as I sat on my front porch steps and looked to the south something didn’t look right.  I could see more blue skies than usual.  Now as a pilot I love to see more blue skies because that is generally good flying weather but something about seeing more blue skies this morning didn’t feel right either. 

I looked down our driveway and commented to my husband “It must have been windy last evening, see all the branches on the driveway and all the pinecones on the lawn.”

Then I looked back towards the south and noticed that there appeared to be pine branches near the ground. 

After noticing more pine branches near the ground I set my coffee down and walked out to investigate. 

I looked at the pine tree and thought ” I really must have slept soundly to not have heard the winds that caused this.  I must be getting old.”  When I looked at the tree a little closer I thought that two trees had gone down until I realized that it actually had a split top to it and it broke at the split top area.

While I appreciate more blue skies I will miss this pine tree.  One of the things I loved most about our property when we bought it nearly 20 years ago was all the beautiful trees.  Our elm trees have been hit hard lately and we have nearly a dozen we must cut down because they are diseased and now losing this pine will change the view once again.

If I am thankful for one thing this morning, it is the fact that the tree did not fall across the driveway and have to be dealt with this morning before work.  It can wait.  Also I am thankful that the Poplars that line our driveway are still intact.  It looks like we will be spending our Memorial Day weekend tending to our trees.

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