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Small Town Living

Small town living isn’t for everyone but it suits me.  I love the charm of the old buildings.  Little Falls, Minnesota is the nearest larger town to where I live.  It’s about 20 miles from my home.  The estimated population in 2009 was 8067.  The population of the even smaller town where we live is 425.

This past week I took some pictures of some of my favorite places in Little Falls.  At some point in time they hired someone to paint some murals in some of the old buildings in town.  This is one of my favorite murals.


This past week I did a post on roman numerals on clock faces.  One of my favorite things in Little Falls is the clock on the old courthouse.

This is another photo that shows the Airport sign in it’s original location at the drive-in.  The quality of the picture isn’t the best because it is a picture of a picture.

This is a picture of the illuminated airport sign in the Black and White Cafe.

This is a picture of the Little Falls train station.  When I was young my Mom, brother and my two younger sisters road a train from the Twin Cities to Little Falls.  It was my first train ride and my Grandma met us at the train and drove us to her home about 30 miles from Little Falls.  My mom’s hometown was Little Falls.

The train bridge is still one of my favorite sites.

After taking the pictures of the bridge a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a customer of ours from Little Falls and he asked me if I knew that one half of the bridge was replaced.  He said that at one point the bridge was damaged and one half was replaced.  The height difference from the west end of the bridge to the east side is about five feet.  I had never noticed the difference before he mentioned it but the next time I was in town and looked at the bridge and sure enough the height changes on the bridge half way across the bridge.  I love when I find out a piece of history that I never knew before. 

I like the familar sites in a small town.  Things remain the same for many years never seeming to change. When I think back to some of the first trips to Little Falls compared to recent ones I know that there have been changes in town but they seem to have happened very slowly and almost unnoticable unlike in the big cities where buildings seem to appear overnight.


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