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Sticks and Stones

Tonight after work I was outside taking clothes in off the line when my daughter and grandson got home. He stayed outside with me while she unloaded her car. While we were outside he found a stick and walked around in the yard poking the ground and everything with his stick until he broke it in two.

No tears were shed when he broke it. He just picked up the other half and walked around to the side of the yard where the steps come down off the porch. He started using his sticks like drumsticks on the bottom step.

After drumming for a while he put his sticks down and headed to my garden. When he got there he was distracted by something up above.

When I looked up to see what he was pointing at I saw a flock of birds flying overhead. I’m not sure what kind they are but this was just a small portion of what flew overhead.

After the birds passed by Jack picked up some small stones from my garden and promptly trotted down to the lake. When he got to the shore he threw one stone in and then the other. He turned around and headed straight back to my garden for a second and later a third set of stones to throw in the lake until the mosquitoes drove us inside for the rest of the evening.

Who needs fancy store-bought toys when you’ve got sticks and stones?


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Roaming Birdfeeder vandals…Should I be afraid?

Every morning as part of my usual routine I grab my coffee and book and head outside in the summer to my porch where I sit and read and watch the birds on my feeder.

This morning for the third time in the past month this is what I have seen when I walked outside.  I need to get one of those nature cameras that are triggered by motion to see what is doing this to my birdfeeder.

At this point in time my mind has gone from a possible group of rogue squirrels that come and vandalize my feeder to a raccoon or could it be a bear?  They can be found north of here about 50 miles but we haven’t seen any in our area yet.  I would really like to know.  It is not an easy task to knock this feeder down but whatever it is, it has been successful one too many times.  Perhaps I don’t need a camera maybe I will have to sit quietly on my porch all night to see what comes.  Maybe I’m not ready to know what lurks in my backyard each evening while I sleep.

It has been fun watching the birds this spring.  I watched the other day as one woodpecker stayed on the tree and made squeaktoy sounds while another went to the feeder, got some sunflower seeds, and returned to the tree to feed the other.  Then the squeaktoy sounds would begin again and the other was off for more seeds.

Yesterday there was a ruckus to my left and as a looked there were two Robins chasing a squirrel up one tree and down the next and back up the third tree and then the squirrel headed horizontally across from tree to tree with the robins chasing him.  I wonder what he was up to that started the chase?

The feeder has had many different types of birds visit it so far this spring.  I have seen Woodpeckers, Nuthatch, Grosbeak, Cardinals, Purple Finch, Gold Finch, Red winged Blackbird, Cedar Waxwing, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, Mourning Dove and Robins so far this spring.  I have to get some oranges out and maybe the Orioles will come for a visit.


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