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Life, Basketball and Quilting

SCSU vs Augustana @ Mankato, MN

This past week has been busy with the usual life like work, laundry, cleaning and watching my grandson Jack. On Wednesday evening we packed up our grandson, daughter, boyfriend, and headed south to Mankato. The big event was St Cloud State Basketball team was playing Augustana. We got there late so we missed the first half due to getting a late start from work. Oh well, we got there in time to watch the second half and overtime. They were tied up at the end of the second half so into overtime. The overtime was 5 minutes long. At the end of overtime St. Cloud State finished ahead with a score of 84 to 75 over Augustana. It is the first time since the 1986-87 season that St. Cloud State University has advanced to the Elite 8 so off to Springfield, MA for the games beginning Wednesday. This is exciting to me because our daughter Christy has been dating one of the starters for SCSU, Andrew Bernstetter. He is a local talent to St. Cloud growing up just about 10 miles from St. Cloud. It is also exciting because both my husband and I are graduates of SCSU.

What’s quilting got to do with basketball? Absolutely nothing except it is yet another interest of mine. I happened upon a blog this week that talked about a Friday Night Sew-in. Its goal is for everyone to dig out their quilt projects or other unfinished projects to work on Friday Night, March 19, 2010. Its like everything else at my home if its not on the calendar its probably not going to happen.

So today I dug out a UFO(un-finished object) from my sewing closet. I started it when my oldest daughter was in 4th grade and I was her teacher. In the spring I cut out out quilt squares and made a border for each. Then I gave them to each of my students to decorate with permanent markers. Some took a great deal of time to decorate their square and some not so much. My goal is to get the quilt top put together this weekend after 11 years. So far I have cut the pieces of fabric for in between the squares but haven’t decided how to do the border for the quilt yet.

4th Grade Quilt /UFO

Christy's Block

I don’t know how much I’ll actually get done this weekend but someone once said a project started is half done so I guess that I am farther than I’ve been in 11 years on this one. Happy sewing to all and have a great weekend.

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