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The Art of Communication and New Haircuts

Some people look forward to haircuts.  They even go so far as to schedule their next haircut when they are getting their haircut.  Every six weeks is how often a lot of people get their haircut.  That is way too soon for me.  It seems no matter how close or far apart I schedule my haircuts they just don’t meet my expectations.

I’m convinced that the reason that I don’t end up with the haircut I envision is that I must have poor communication skills when it comes to haircuts.  When I was young growing up in the Twin Cities we didn’t have haircuts often.  With six kids it was just too expensive to get our haircut often.  My Dad used to cut my brother’s hair at home and Mom would trim our bangs to make our haircuts stretch out a little longer for us girls.

I remember the first time I went to get a special haircut on my own with my babysitting money and what a disaster it was back then.  I told the woman what I wanted.  I didn’t want it too short and definitely wanted something other than a “Pixie cut” which was basically a girl’s version of a boys haircut.  It was short.  I had spent a long time growing my hair out just so I could have some options for my hair.  The mistake I made was going to the place where I always got my hair cut.  When I left after the haircut it looked exactly like my last haircut.

Shortly after I got my first job at McDonald’s I wanted a perm for my hair.  It was longer now and I had saved up for the perm and haircut.  I had just enough time to get my perm before I had to be at work.  I told the woman  I wanted a perm so my flat, straight hair would have some body.  When she was finished I took one look at my hair and wished that I could call in sick for work.  I would have to go to work with my hair looking like “Link” from the Mod Squad.  For those of you too young to remember Link from the Mod Squad, think the guy with a long Afro hairdo minus the sideburns.   Not flattering on me.  I ended up with really short curly hair for a while after I got most of the perm cut off the next day.

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This past week I decided that I would try another haircut.  I came prepared with picture in hand so there would be no mistake in what I wanted.  She asked me “Do you want to do the same as last time?  My thought,   “How would you know since you didn’t cut my hair last time?”

“No, I’d like to try something a little different”  and I handed her the picture.  “We can do that” she replied.  She attacked my hair with great gusto, cutting, clipping and combing as she went.  I was excited to see the finished product.   Once again my hair turned out the same.  There must be a sign somewhere on my body that says no new ideas for hair allowed.  Every person who cuts my hair cuts it the same way and always way too  short.

I may have to decide that I like the Demi Moore  haircut in for the movie  G.I. Jane movie.  All I would have to do is take out the clippers and start buzzing it off.  No more too short haircuts.  They would all be short.  Best of all no more explaining what kind of haircut I want because there would be no way to mess this one up.  I could cut it myself.

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