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Shoveling Buddy

Shoveling Buddy

Life is good.

I admit that I am more than ready for spring but this past week has afforded me a few opportunities to spend some time with my grandson outdoors doing some of his favorite activities.

We have trudged up and down our hill several times after trips down on the sled.  I have to admit that I am out of shape and am constantly bargaining with a 3 1/2 year old about the number of times we will go down the hill again.

Yesterday we spent time shoveling.  He is delighted to help and has his own shovel.  Today we are getting hit with another snow storm mixed with rain.  It is still beautiful to look outside and see the snow falling but I’d like to see a little more green and blue than wihite.

After warming up from being outdoors we spent time doing puzzles on my kitchen floor and playing football with a green balloon in my living room.   We have a regular football but he has a foot on him that will break windows if he is allowed to kick with shoes on.

This is the view out my living room window this afternoon.

Snowy Day

Time to head out on another tow call.  Seems nobody wants to stay home on a snowy day.  Stay warm and dry 🙂


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So This is Springtime….

This morning I woke up with the John Lennon song So This is Christmas words running through my head and with good reason. We woke up to 8 inches of new snow here in Central Minnesota. Schools are closed and roads are in the process of being plowed. Never mind the fact that the calendar states that spring started this past Sunday.

We spent nearly an hour trying to help my son make it out of our yard with his car this morning so he could head into work. My daughter’s college classes were canceled except one and she emailed the professor and got permission for her to take her math test on Friday during a break between other classes. I am most thankful that she doesn’t have to drive 40 miles with her son on these roads today.

The boys basketball team will be departing for the beginning of the state tournament festivities today with a banquet this evening before the big game tomorrow. In Minnesota we all know that sometime during basketball tournaments that we will get a big snow either during the girl’s or boy’s state tournament. So true to past experiences we are blessed with snow for the tournaments.

Hope your day finds you warm and dry. It looks like a wonderful day for some homemade Chicken Dumpling Soup or a big crock pot of Chili.


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