Getting Ready to Hibernate

18 Sep

Things are changing around me rapidly.  In many ways I am like the animals that hibernate during winter.  As the days get shorter I find myself  longing to stay in bed just a little longer and going to bed a little earlier.  I find myself eating more just like the animals around preparing for winter.  I’ve convinced myself that I will definitely stay warmer if I have a little more fat on board for the winter.  What’s the harm in just one more candy bar if it helps me stay warmer.  Somehow I’ve forgotten that’s what coats are for in the winter.  I change colors in the winter just like the trees.  I turn from the sun tanned olive skin of my youth to the washed out pale skin of a  50-year-old. 

In the winter I like to burrow  into my home where it’s warm and stay in my  sun room to read.   Just this morning my husband and I were sitting in our chilly livingroom, we haven’t turned on the furnace yet,  and thinking that it sure would be nice to have a fireplace to cozy up by.  We sure have plenty of wood to burn after this summer’s storms.  There is nothing like a wood fire for hibernating.  I’ve got my stack of books for reading ready.  There is one book I’m particularly excited to read, The Motion on the Ocean: 1 Small Boat, 2 Average Lovers, and a Woman’s Search for the Meaning of Wife by Janna Cawrse Esarey.   It was recommended to me by a pilot friend who knows of my love of sailing.

As the cold weather approaches I find myself on the travel sites more often planning for my warm weather getaways, mostly dreaming.  I start bookmarking travel sites of far off places that are much warmer than Minnesota in the winter.  The hard part in owning our own business is not  getting away for  more than a couple of days at a time or the business suffers.   Most people see owning your own business with all the perks but not necessarily the responsibility that goes with it.

My least favorite task of getting ready to hibernate is putting away all the summer toys.  We have a boat, boat lift, and dock to remove from the lake.  All require me to get wet at some point in the process.  When we are all finished with our water tasks then it is off to my Dad and Mom’s to do the same.  Dad likes to leave his sailboat in the lake as late as possible in the fall for the perfect fall sailing day.  There have been a year or two we have taken the boat out of the lake with snowflakes flying.  It is alway a comedy routine for anyone watching Dad, Mom, my husband and I taking down the 25′ mast.  We do it each year but from year to year none of us can remember just how we did it last year.

We always look forward to the winter for the pace of life to slow down and anticipate getting some of those “winter projects” off our list.  Then we get to the end of winter and wonder where did the time go and the winter projects get moved to spring projects.  I live for the occasional warm sunny winter day when I feel like poking my head out in the sunshine to play.

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