Life With the Top Down

15 Aug

This morning my husband and I decided to take advantage of the much cooler weather and attend a local fly in at Paynesville, Minnesota.  We hopped on our 1984 Honda Gold Wing and rode to our shop.  We decided that we needed to clean our windshield before we continued on our way to the fly in.  We pulled into the shop and saw the Corvette convertible sitting inside just calling our names saying “Take Me, Take Me”.  We couldn’t resist the pleading anymore so we parked the bike and backed the Corvette out, gassed up and grabbed some coffee for our get away.

The morning air was cool but fresh as we traveled with the top down.  When you drive with the top down or on the motorcycle for that matter, you smell all the smells.  The good with the bad.  As we passed the corn fields we could smell the corn silk,  along the creeks, the dampness of the ground surrounding the creek banks, and as we passed the turkey barns, the turkeys.  Not a favorite smell of mine but still part of the open air experience.  At this time of the year there isn’t much blooming in the way of flowers so there are not the sweet fragrances of spring and early summer.

We arrived at the fly in just in time for some breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, sausage, cinnamon toast, hash browns, orange juice and coffee.  The fly in was sponsored by the local Lions Club as a fundraiser for eye surgeries for those in need without the necessary funds.  After eating we walked among the planes that flew in for the event.  My favorites today were the Pitts, there were two.  I loved the red and white coloring,  they were so festive.  We watched a short airshow and learned a little bit about the smoke that is released during the airshow so you can see the path of the airplane in the show.  It contains paraffin wax. 

On our way home we drove through an area that had been hit by straight line winds on Friday afternoon.  The three towns near us, Holdingford, Opole, and Rice,  had a lot of trees down and were still cleaning them up.  As you drove through the towns you would think that everyone had been getting ready for the long, cold, Minnesota winters because there were stacks of cut up logs everywhere.  We drove by several cemetaries with trees down.  This picture is of one of them in Opole, Minnesota.


The pine trees seemed to be hardest hit in the storm but we saw oak trees down as well. 

The crops were hit hard too.  There were soybean fields that looked as if someone had swiped their hand across the entire field pushing the plants to the ground and the corn stalks were bending sharply to the east(see the picture on top of post).  The winds had come strong out of the west.

As we were almost home this afternoon we met three motorcyclists on a curve and they were all looking off to our east.  We both looked off to our right to see what they were looking at and just in time managed to slam on our brakes to avoid hitting a buck and doe emerging from a corn field just in front of us.  Time to go home.  Fall is coming you could feel it in the air.


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3 responses to “Life With the Top Down

  1. Thomas Stazyk

    August 16, 2010 at 3:32 am

    Sad to see so much storm damage–I’ve never heard of straight line winds before.

    It’s always sad to see summer ending–especially when you know what’s coming, but fall was always one of my favorite seasons.

    • flyinggma

      August 16, 2010 at 8:15 am

      My daughters start their college classes next week. So we will be in the back to school mode once again. It is bittersweet to see summer coming to an end but I do enjoy the fall season best of all. If only it could last a little longer before winter sets in.


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