Quiet Evening at the Lake…Not quite

02 Jul

Last evening I spent some time with my book and coffee on the dock.  It was quiet when I first sat down.  I noticed a pair of loons off to the north and decided to get my camera in hopes of getting a picture of the pair. 

When I returned a waterskiing boat entered the scene and was doing laps around the lake with a skier behind.  They kept getting closer and closer to the loons.  The loons kept diving and moving farther west so they were out of my range with my not so great camera. 

I love evenings by the lake and the sounds you hear especially if there is a breeze of any kind blowing in the trees.  Last evening as I sat I could hear the trees and I heard the fish as they came to the surface for an insect or two.  I watched as two bass came and circled in front of the dock and then slowly swam away.  In the distance I could hear the voices of the campers at the local bible camp singing “I’ve been working on the railroad.”   Not the usual bible camp song but it was fun to hear it in the wind.

I finally settled in with my book when someone nearby started with firecrackers.  I nearly jumped into the lake from the unexpected sound.  Started to read again and I heard the familiar buzz of the incoming mosquitoes.  Time to head indoors way too early.

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One response to “Quiet Evening at the Lake…Not quite

  1. Linda Anderson

    July 2, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Those darn skeeters! I’ll need to keep them at bay this evening, not on our dock, but in my garden as I pick green beans!


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