Strawberry Season Rocks and So Do Dads!

20 Jun

This weekend marked the beginning of  some of my favorite weeks of the summer.  Thursday evening as my husband and I drove past the local strawberry farm we noticed that the strawberry picking season had begun.  The sign was out to let everyone know the farm was open.  We drove the next half mile to our home and a picked up an ice cream pail , dropped my husband off at home, and headed straight back to the farm to pick a bucket of berries.  It’s a small farm but it is enough to supply our community and others near us with all the berries we can pick.   When I got home I fixed everyone a bowl of ice cream topped with fresh sliced strawberries on top.  Who needs to eat supper when the berries are ripe?

Today is Father’s Day.  We spent time with my father,  my father-in-law, and our kids spent time with their father.  One of the things that I have enjoyed most as my kids have grown up is watching them interact with their father.  Each of our four children have their individual ways that they interact with their Dad.  Our oldest son is a pleaser.  He finds ways that he can make life a little easier for his Dad.  He started cutting up a tree that went down a few weeks ago before my husband had time to do it.  He has a kind heart.  Our second son looks for approval from his Dad by asking for his opinion on things he knows his Dad would be interested in.  Our oldest daughter is definitely Daddy’s girl and she has him wrapped around her finger and she is a pleaser as well.  She is a hard worker and prides herself on doing things other girls can’t or won’t do.  She has learned how to change the oil in her own car makes sure her Dad knows that she is caring for her car.  Our youngest daughter and my husband have an interesting relationship.  They both care deeply about what the other thinks but have yet to find a comfortable way to express what they feel to the other.  But every once in a while one or the other will say something or do something for the other that speaks volumes to the heart of the other.

At one point in my young life I remember asking my Dad if he ever got tired of going to work each day and his response to me that day is something that has stuck with me throughout my entire life.  He said ” I consider it a privilege to go to work each day to support my family and care for them.”  There are days when I struggle with a bad attitude and then I am reminded of the dedication of my father and all the others out there who get up and unselfishly work each day to care and provide for their families.  They are the kind of people who I want my children to be as they grow up.  The world is a better place because of them.  Thank you Dad!

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