Seeing Things Through New Eyes…Hopefully!

12 May

I officially turned 50 in January.  When I went in for my medical for my pilot’ s license in July of 2008 they told me  that I had passed the vision check but  I might want to get my eyes checked out and maybe look into some glasses.  So I dutifully made my appointment with the eye doctor and they fixed my up with a prescription for glasses with bifocals.  Boy did I feel old suddenly from not wearing any glasses to having bifocals.  I picked the glasses up about a week later when they said that they were ready.  I forced myself to wear them because they said I needed them.  Only problem was they made me nauseous.  I spent two weeks feeling ill wearing them.  My eyes were constantly trying to focus on something different.  I took them back.  I couldn’t see paying nearly $400 for something that made me sick and really didn’t improve my vision.  Back to my cheaters. 

Two weeks ago while installing ceiling tiles I managed to get some fibers in my eye and had to go to the ER to get them removed.  They couldn’t find anything but gave me drops to numb my eyes.  While doing the vision acuity test the doctor told me you should probably get your eyes checked because the bad eye (the one with the stuff in it) could actually read the chart better that the good eye.  My eye still wasn’t better on Monday morning so I saw a new eye doctor who got the fibers out of my eye and told me that I really should consider getting some glasses in a couple of weeks after my eye has had a chance to heal from the abrasiveness of the fibers on my eye.

Monday morning I went in for my eye exam.  Things went pretty well for the exam until they dialated my eyes and told me to go and pick out some frames.  I couldn’t focus on anything and felt like I was picking out frames while drunk (I was not!)  My glasses will be ready on Monday.  I think I will be ready for round two with glasses but we will see.  It seems that as a child I had a lazy eye so my eyes didn’t work together.  One eye got good at distance and one for close up.  I can’t wait to see if my eyes will work together with this new prescription.  This eye doctor said either they got the prescription wrong or I didn’t give my eyes enough time to learn to work together.  I thought that two weeks was plenty long.  The drive home went better after I drove to Walmart to buy a cheap pair of sunglasses.  It was overcast when I left the office  so the nurse thought I would be fine without the sunglasses.  Wrong!  It was nearly impossible to focus on things without feeling blinded.

I am looking forward to not having to ask other people to read something for me because I just can’t quite make it out.  Today at work I had to have one of the mechanics read a paint code off of a sticker in the glove box because there was no way for me to read it.  It was dark inside the glove box and at an angle, neither of which helped me with reading the code.  I have found it increasingly difficult to work on the computer, looking from the screen to papers on my desk and back again to the computer.  Hopefully the new glasses with be an improvement.  I enjoy sewing and reading, both are difficult without good close up vision.  My uncle went blind from diabetes in his forties and I vowed back then that I would never take my vision for granted.  Today I will begin taking better care of the only eyes I have been blessed with from God.

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