Total Cost for Private Pilot Certificate in C-152

21 Apr

Well it took me awhile to gather all of my information regarding hours and total cost for learning how to fly a C-152 but here they are:

120.5 total hours (including my checkride) in a C-152
17.6 @ 79.00 = $1390.40 Solo hours (no instructor cost)
102.9 @ 117.00 = $12039.30 (79.00 plane + 38.00 instructor)
22.7 hrs Ground @ 38.00 = $862.60
Headset 278.11 including tax
Logbook 12.95
Sectionals(6) 54.30
AFD’s (4) 19.40
Knowledge Test 100.00
Examiners Fee 250.00
plotter 11.95
Books (I borrowed) 0.00
Medical Exam 75.00
Rental Insurance 325.00 (per year) My choice not required during training.

GRAND TOTAL $15419.01

I had a total of 78 flights including my checkride. I started in June of 2008 and completed April 17, 2010. I think there are many factors that made my costs and time probably higher than most.

1. I could only make it up to fly once a week with my work schedule so if we got weathered out it was sometimes 2-3 weeks in between lessons so the first part of lesson was always trying to get back to where I was at the last lesson.

2. They changed curriculums halfway through my training at the flight school so it was hard to figure what I had and hadn’t covered from one curriculum to the next. The first curriculum was not as organized and laid out as the second.

3. I was changed to a different flight instructor about halfway through but not at the same time as the change in curriculum.

4. I never took any formal ground school classes like some flight schools offer. I did all my own studying and then went over various areas with my CFI

5. Family issues came up that interrupted my training and I had to relearn and revisit areas I had already done.

6. Age 48 when I started, 50 when I finished- There were some days that I felt that I forgot more than I could remember in the plane. Too many other things floating around in my brain.

Overall it cost me about $3,000-$5,000 more than what I had planned on but I still think it was worth it. If I had do it over again I would but I would try and make a commitment to flying 2-3 times a week and I think I would have done better and finished sooner.

Happy to answer any other questions regarding my training.

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One response to “Total Cost for Private Pilot Certificate in C-152

  1. Linda Anderson

    April 21, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Sounds about right for everything you went through. As I said, only another pilot can fully appreciate your dedication and efforts to achieve your goal! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!


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