Unfinished Business

20 Feb

Its Saturday night and I’m longing for Monday afternoon to get here. Its been almost two weeks since I’ve flown. Monday afternoon I have some solo time scheduled to work on maneuvers and take offs and landings before I schedule another lesson with my CFI. I’ve been doing a lot of chair flying these days. I sit in my recliner and imagine I am in the airplane and go through one maneuver after another in my mind trying to remember how to set up for the maneuver, what airspeed and altitude I need to maintain, and how to recover from the maneuver and stay within the PTS standards.

The anticipation for scheduling my checkride seems to be fading the longer it takes to get ready for it. I’ve passed my goal date of January 25, 2010 to have my private pilots certificate and have set a new goal of completing and passing my checkride by May 1, 2010. It’s quite a few days off but with the work schedule I have these days its hard to get lesson time in. If I miss the May goal I will have to pay to take my knowledge test over again before my checkride. I rather not have to put out the money to take the test again or have to study to take the test again. We are getting more good weather days than bad lately so hopefully weather won’t become an issue in trying to finish up.

In trying to pass the time until my next lesson I have been trying to finish up some home improvement projects that I’ve started over the past two years along with learning how to fly. I thought that maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad about not having time to fly if I started to see some unfinished projects finally done. I have managed to see some progress around home and it is making me feel better. It’s surprising how unfinished things can weigh you down. I have made one of my New Years resolutions not to purchase more items for another project until I get my current list of unfinished projects done. They all take time but if I move from the recliner and just start to work on something even for an hour things get down.

I’m amazed that my work on unfinished projects has inspired my 18-year-old daughter to start a full-scale cleaning effort of her bedroom and bathroom. She is not just moving things around to clean but sorting, tossing, and throwing items from her room. My husband also started to work on some unfinished projects of his own this afternoon and evening. I didn’t ask either of them to do their projects they just dug in and starting working. It’s amazing the amount of work that can be accomplished by 3 adults working on different projects at the same time. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish tomorrow.

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