Minnesota Morning

17 Feb

Frosty Minnesota Morning

I’m not a fan of cold Minnesota mornings in the winter but there is one exception. The mornings I wake up to a frosted wonderland around me are my favorites. Everything looks new and fresh covered with frost. The pine trees that fill our yard and surround the lake we live on look like they are dressed in elegance just waiting for the right occasion. The smallest of branches get noticed as never before. The red twigs of the dogwoods with the white frosted branches stand erect holding onto their decoration. The fenceposts and fencing are covered in frosty lace waiting for a celebration.

The frosty mornings inspire me to take a second look at every thing around me. I like to take out my camera and capture as many images as I can. I want to spend my entire day outside to take in the transformation that happened overnight. As the day warms up the frost begins to fall and drift from the trees and surfaces it has covered my world once again returns to the ordinary as if it had never been any different than the day before. These mornings become a respite for me from the long cold winters in Minnesota and encourage me to look forward to spring and all that comes with it.

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Posted by on February 17, 2010 in Quiet Times, Reflections



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