Why I Fly..

14 Feb

Solo Cross Country Morning

As I was flying this morning and some things were not going well I was asking myself why am I doing this? Why would I put myself through all the studying and lessons. My life is already busy enough without the added stress of learning to fly. Then the negative thoughts were replaced with the excitement I felt when I started to take lessons as I listened to the radio chatter from the tower when I was in the pattern working on my take offs and landings.

Every aspect of flying has brought me new challenges. I remember the first time that my instructor told me I had a good landing. Landings have been the most difficult part for me to learn but now they come so much easier and with confidence. I feel a sense of pride when I come in for a landing and I can touch down where I intend to. Next it was learning how to navigate from one place to another using the VOR and manuevers. I just couldn’t get comfortable with the plane. All that has changed over the past year. November 18, 2009 has been the highlight of my flight training when I flew 4872B solo from St. Cloud, Mn to Duluth, Mn to Brainerd, Mn and back to St. Cloud, Mn. The total distance of the flight was 243 nautical miles. When I think back to that day I still can’t believe that I did it.

When I am flying I leave all the this world’s troubles on the ground. When I am up flying I am not a wife, mother, sister or daughter. I am an individual pursuing a life’s dream. Someday soon when I take and pass my practical test that will change because I will be able to take others with me to share my love of flight. The world looks so different from above. Places on the ground that I have driven past for years look entirely different from above. I have a new appreciation for the winding creeks and rolling hills that dot the landscape where I live. When you see the connection from one area to another in the air you realize the world is not as big as you may think.

I fly because it proves to me that even though I am 50 years old I am never to old to challenge myself to learn something new. The more I learn about flying the more I want to know and the more places I want to go. I fly because it makes me different from others not ordinary, not just a mom, wife, mother or sister but a pilot.

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