Sunday Night Blues

17 Jan

Sunday Night Blues

Once again its Sunday night and the Sunday Night Blues have set in.  In Minnesota where I live at this time of the year it is already dark around 5pm so it really seems late by 7:00pm.  I get restless and irritable on Sunday evenings as I mourn the loss of yet another weekend with my long to do list not done once again.  Oh, I manage to get some things done each weekend but when you work six days a week and don’t get home until 1-3pm on Saturday afternoon its hard to dig into that to do list.

Maybe if I started with a shorter to do list I might feel like I’ve got something to show for my time.  I’m seriously working at cleaning out the clutter around home so there is actually less to be responsible for and to clean but with 4 kids in and out of the home all weekend its hard to keep up and pick up until they’ve gone to their homes on Sunday night.

About a year ago my husband tried to get rid of the Sunday night blues with a change of scenery ie.  a movie or motorcycle ride.  It works to some extent but when you come home after dark to a messy home and need to get up for work Monday morning tired before your week has begun it is only a short term solution and then it becomes a Miserable Monday morning instead.

Its hard to resist the temptation to sit in my livingroom chair and stare at my surroundings feeling sorry for myself and instead getting up and accomplish something that will indeed make me feel better about the day even if it is only going around the house emptying the trash and maybe picking up and sorting the laundry for Monday morning. 

Just a sidenote…I love Wednesdays, not for what you might think.  Wednesdays at my home are garbage day.  I love my garbage man.  Every week I fill up the trash can and wheel it out to the road, he picks it up and the stuff that filled the can is something I never have to pick up or deal with again.  If only I could have that attitude about other things in my home!

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