Low Ceilings

16 Jan

Low ceilings on the way to the airport


In Minnesota you just expect cold, snowy weather in January.  I wasn’t expecting days of fog and low ceilings.  With only one brief lesson left before my Private Pilot Checkride I am extremely anxious to finish up.  This past week the weather has not been good VFR.  I need a couple of good flying weather days to complete my goal of earning my private pilot certificate before I turn 50 years old on January 25.  I have been working at this for the past year and a half and now I am on the final stretch but the weather just will not cooperate.

Some would say that I shouldn’t have cut it so close to my finish date with not enough time to reach my goal but life gets in the way sometime especially when your 18 year old daughter has a baby in the middle of flight training that you didn’t expect.  This fall was to be our empty nest time but our home is fuller than ever.  I love our grandson dearly and even if it has complicated my goals I wouldn’t change a thing.  The 25th was my goal but it is not set in stone.  Next week I have another chance at finishing up my private.  Monday I have a lesson scheduled and if I can finish with up with my CFI then I can schedule my checkride for maybe next Thursday or Friday and still meet my goal provided I pass.

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