New Year…Old Goals

08 Jan

Most people begin the New Year with new goals, resolutions, and things they plan on changing or doing differently in their lives this year.  In this New Year I am concentrating on finishing up a goal from the last year and a half.  I began in June of 2008 a journey to pursue a lifelong dream of learning how to fly.   I started flight training in June 2008 with a goal in mind of completing my private pilot certificate before I turn 50 on January 25, 2010.  The date for my goal is fast approaching but the end is in sight as I have completed all of my requirements for my certificate except my checkride which weather permitting should be some time next week.

To anyone who may read this blog my challenge to you would to be to start pursuing your dreams.  It is so worth the feeling you get as you complete something you have always wanted to do.  As you pursue your dreams surround yourself with positive encouraging friends and family who will help keep you on track.

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